unspoken language

What message am I sending?

Without saying a word, we are sending silent messages to the people around us every day.  Our face, posture, and every mannerism communicates volumes of what type of person we are.  Being aware of what you do is a key to changing the way that others perceive you.

Your face

Everyone has facial expressions that represent our current condition.  These expressions usually happen automatically.  We do not consciously say to our brain or our face to show that we are surprised.  We as human beings just naturally show these responses.  Many think that we have a face that no one can read our thoughts or feelings.  Often times that is not the case.  Whether we have a raised eyebrow, a wink, a nod, or a quick frown it is likely we have facial expressions that speak to others.  You need to ask yourself if your facial expressions are saying good, positive things about you.  Are they showing the messages that you intend to show?  The best thing you can do is to smile.  A genuine smile.  Nothing brightens a dull mood then a hearty, healthy smile.

Our posture and walking

Have you ever heard someone say that “she stands tall” or “she holds her head up high”?  Having your shoulders slouch and head down are visual cues that you have a lack of confidence.  If you stand with your head up and back straight shows that you have confidence and energy about you.

Mannerisms and gestures

You may know that folded arms send a closed message while arms at our side send an open message to others.  Twisting hair, frequent facial touches, wringing hands, or scratching of the head may reflect angst.  Many people speak with their hands and body.  It adds expressive quality to their words.  When you say the word, “no” while strongly pointing your finger makes the sentence more powerful.  When you shrug your shoulders, it shows a lack of knowledge or interest in things.

Your clothing, hair, and personal care can send messages to people as well.  If your clothing is wrinkled and unclean, it will send a negative message to others.  If you have an odor about you, people will be quick to judge.  If you are in a situation which you value, consider your appearance.

First impressions

Even if we think people shouldn’t judge a situation, most people judge a first impression about you. I know myself numerous times  have met someone and had a judgment about them, that later I have changed.  I was wrong to think that way, but it was how those people presented themselves is how I was turned off.  Consider everything about what type of message you are conveying to others if you want to make it positive.

If you honestly want to know how others perceive you, ask a close friend or family member.  Ask them if you are offensive or if there is anything about what you do that turns them off.  Look in the mirror and see what others see about you.  Take note of how you respond when faced with negative information.  In times of stress, how are you looking?  You have to be aware that others are watching you all the time.  Especially if you have made the decision to follow Christ.  They want to see what it is about this Jesus person that makes you so adamant about following Him.  Make your life reflect how Jesus would respond in all situations.  People are watching.  Your siblings are watching, younger girls are watching you, and you are an example to those around you, even if you don’t want to be.