unit 6 hands on skill declutter

Declutter and organize

This week, use your decluttering and organizing skills to bless your family in a big way.  Ask them which area of the home needs going through.  It might be the garage, the attic, a shed, or the basement. Whatever the area, use the same principles you have been taught up to now.  Do a thorough job and make them proud of what you do.

Grab your cleaning supplies, a trash bag, a box for donating, and your box for other areas of the home.

Work in a clockwise pattern, and  from top to bottom in the area.  This might take you a few days, but that is good.  It will be a HUGE blessing for your family.

If your family has no need, maybe an elderly relative or neighbor needs some help.  Ask around find out who it is you can help.

The second part of this week is to plan a donation or garage sale with all of those items that you have accumulated by decluttering.  Encourage friends and other family to do the same and hold a big event.    Depending upon where you live and the temperature you may have to wait till the weather is good.


The third hands on activity this week is to help with the laundry.  If you are not regularly accustomed to helping in this area in your home, it is a good one to start with.  Work alongside of your mother and learn how she does the laundry.  Take her ideas as well as some of your new ones and implement them.  See if you can take over this task and do it for the month.