unit 13 hands on skill

If you are already a babysitter, then this week I want you to put together some of these ideas you learned this week.  Make a surprise box for your next babysitting job.  Collect things from around your house.  Do a google search and look up easy paper crafts that you can do with the children.  This will help your time go much faster when you are watching them and they will get into less trouble:)

If you have boys, learn how to make the ultimate paper airplane or helicopter.  This is a fun thing to do.

Learn some of the easy games to play on spur of the moment, keeping children busy.

Learn some indoor activities that you can do to help burn off some energy with the children.  Like follow the leader, silly dancing, walking like certain animals around the living room.  All just different ideas to help “burn” off energy and make your time less “busy.”

The best thing to do to be prepared for watching children  is to collect ideas and add them to your household notebook binder.  If you haven’t done that already(you will be at the end of this year), just set aside a separate folder with which you can put ideas for entertaining children when you come across them. Neat crafts, yummy snacks, and fun songs with hand motions are always good to have a variety of.