unit 11 hands on skills

I am sure that you can guess what this week’s hands on skill is going to be???  You are going to fill out an application, write a cover letter, and write a thank you letter.

Here is a link to a PDF application.  Print it off and fill it in as best as you can.  Remember keep the paper neat.

Next write a cover letter.  Do it in a word processing program.  Look at the sample that I give in this lesson and write one with a made up job you are applying for. You are going to print this off and attach it to your application.  Give them to your teacher.  No staples, paperclips only.

Have your teacher give  you a sample interview.  Have her write down some of the questions I mentioned and do a mock interview. Practice your posture, how you would act, look her in the eyes, and act eagerly to  respond.

After your interview, type up a thank you letter to your “potential employer.”  Fill out an envelope just as you should and give it to your teacher.  This is what they will be assessing you on this week.