twice baked sweet potatoes


I had a bushel of sweet potatoes that I was making sweet potato fries with.  I was growing tired of them so my friend gave me this idea for twice baked sweet potatoes.  I did my version just a little bit different but the concept is the same.

I didn’t have time to bake them first so I peeled them and put them in a small pan on the stove with a little bit of water.  I cooked them like I would mashed potatoes.  I drained them and then mashed them with a potato masher. I had 2 large potatoes.  I added 2 T sour cream, 1 T butter,  a sprinkle of brown sugar, salt, and pepper to the mixture.  I then put a couple of marshmallows on top and added some chopped pecans.  I placed them under the broiler for a few moments to toast the marshmallows and viola!!! Dinner was served.