turkey in the crockpot

Can you cook turkey in the crockpot??? Yes you can!!IMG_20160630_180314

I had a friend give me a smaller turkey so I thought I would put it in my crockpot instead of heating up my oven.  Boy was that a great idea!!!

I placed the entire turkey in the crockpot and then accidentally I had cut the packet of gravy while cutting open the turkey so I poured that into my crockpot. I added a little bit of water to cover the bottom of my pot.  (the turkey was thawed) I placed a piece of tin foil to cover the top as it was sticking out just a bit.   I put it on low in the morning and let it cook away.  By the time evening rolled around, my turkey was done.  As I pulled the pieces out of the crockpot the turkey just fell off the bones.  Now if you know me, you know I don’t care for turkey.  But this……actually tasted pretty good.  The meat was so tender and very flavorful.

I only wish that I had a huge crockpot so that at Thanksgiving time we could do this again.   IMG_20160630_180305