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How is your spiritual body holding up?  Have you read along with this series to help change that spiritual life of ours from flabby to firm in God’s truth?

I know how easy it is for Satan to get us distracted into that wheel of life and let us not think about the things that God would want us to think about.  Even for myself, if I am not careful about what is going on around me, spiritually, I know I can get thrown into that as well.  A few months ago that happened, we ended up getting sick.  The children started with it, and my first response wasn’t going to God.  My first response was okay let’s snuggle in bed and prepare for sickness.  When it started coming on the children, I just expected it. Then when it came on me, I figured it was my turn.  During that entire time, I never once rebuked the sickness or said anything against it. I just kept saying that I felt awful and that I “hoped” everyone got it so we could be done with it.

Then a week went by and allergies started.  We have never had allergies in our entire life until we moved down here.  Our doctor even said if we didn’t have them, we would get them.  We live in a high pollen area.  There is the only rainforest in North America, about 40 minutes from us.  Lots of stuff flying through the air.  But instead of not claiming those allergies, I’ve come to accept them.  I call them MY allergies.  What am I thinking?  I have come to “assume” that certain times per year, I am just going to feel awful.  Why am I doing that?

People do it with  money. “Oh we are a big family, we are never going to have anything.”  “This economy is killing us!”  Women do it with food, “If I just look at that cake, it’s going to add ten pounds to my behind!”  Think of all the words and things that we claim with our mouths unintentionally.  It is so easy to just say it without even thinking.  I know these things and I did the same thing.

That sickness put me out for a month.  It went from sickness to allergies to a urinary infection.  During that infection time I had a friend come over and we were talking about something and she said to me, you just don’t know how much power you have in your own life.  I was also listening to a series about the armor of God and how God tells us to put on that armor for protection.  The devil isn’t something that can overtake you as a believer in Christ.  Yes, you can let him, but he isn’t as strong as we think he is. that we would not be outwitted by Satan;  for we are not ignorant of his designs.

2 Corinthians 2:11

Satan just comes up with these schemes, this trickery, these games to try and outwit us.  But as a believer in Christ, we are so much smarter than that.  We don’t have to take it.  Sickness does not come from God.  God does not punish us with sickness and disease that is Satan.  But we are real quick to say, “Oh, I”ve got the flu.” and just accept it.  Why not resist it as scripture says.

James 4:7 says: submit yourselves to God and RESIST the devil and he WILL flee!

That verse doesn’t say that he “may” flee.  It says he WILL flee.  Why are we so unsure of that truth from God? It says in Romans 4 to call those things that are not as though they are. Why would God tell us that?  It is about FAITH.  Believing God and His Word and what He tells us.  We are real quick to just take whatever is handed to us and accept it as “God’s will.”  God’s will is NOT for us to be sick, to be poor, to barely get by, to struggle with weight, to struggle with relationships, none of that.  That is Satan’s desire.

We need to quit calling it as it is not. I will no longer refer to “my allergies.”  I am done owning it.  I am done struggling losing these last five pounds, I put on over the holidays.  I say, “I can’t eat that bread, it will bloat me up!” I am done saying that.  I am done saying that we can’t afford that.  I am prophesying a negative future for myself.  Jesus talked to the trees, to the wind, etc.  He gave us just as much power.  Why would we not follow suit?  Start calling your body to be healed.  Call your immune system strong. Even when you start to “feel” symptoms, continue calling those things that are not as though they are.

Make your words work for you!  Tell Satan that you bind him to get off your finances.  Call your money to come in.  Negativity is popular in our society.  As soon as stuff is bad we curse it. When our car doesn’t start, we may curse it.  When we fall, we may swear.  We need to stop cursing and start blessing.  This is not a flesh fight.  We don’t wrestle with people and things, the Bible says we wrestle with principalities, and darkness and rulers in heavenly places.  Not your spouse, your children, your in laws or the economy.

We have to remember that the devils schemes are lies.  They are a battle of words, thoughts, beliefs, concepts, and ideas.  People who believe and think wrong is the reason for darkness.  The spiritual battle that we face is over what you believe.  When Jesus fought the devil, he didn’t scream over and over, he said it with power once and believed it and it was done.  There is no need to fight and wrestle with people or things.  Don’t give the devil the opportunity at all.  If something doesn’t agree with God’s word, don’t consider it.

People don’t want to know the truth.  They like to believe that what they are doing is okay.  So they close their eyes spiritually and don’t listen.  They will stay under control of the evil one.  Our spiritual warfare is a battle of beliefs.  The struggle in the earth is over preventing people from seeing light and truth.  It is time to take authority over thoughts.  Strongholds are imaginations and thoughts sent from Satan.  You have to know that it is time to fight and not accept it.  Quit saying my marriage is a disaster.  My children are going to hell.  Quit stating what goes against God’s truths!

If you think this is crazy, think about when you first got saved as a Christian. What did you do?  Romans 9:10, says if you believe in your heart and CONFESS with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, you WILL Be saved.  What did we do?  We CONFESSED it with our mouths.  The bible talks a lot about confessions and declaring things.

One thing that I struggled with personally was finances.  I stressed about not having enough or not getting by.  But guess what?  We have always made it.  It seemed when I “worried” about it, we struggled more. When we moved here to North Carolina, this is one of the most expensive areas in the nation.  Just this little pocketed area.  I’ll have to admit, I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to leave behind my whole life back in Michigan. I know God did it and that is why I moved.  It was obedience, it was not all excited obedience, but I listened.  So as I started seeing how much more expensive it was to live here, I think since I didn’t really want to live here, I didn’t care what happened.  If that makes sense.  Money was not an issue, because ultimately, I’d like to fail and move back:)  But we have remained faithful to God.  We tithe as we should and we never “hold back” what is Gods.  We trust Him to take care of us. Even when it isn’t rational.  We make very similar to what we did back in Michigan—which was much cheaper and because of obedience (tithing) and trusting and not having that “struggle” with finances, we have so much more here.  Money is not a problem.  Our bills are way more, but we for the first time save money and always have enough and then some!  Years ago when I started learning about declaring things, finances came right to my mind.  I wrote down on a card and clipped it in my Bible.  Every time that thought would come up about money, I would go read my card and say it over and over.  I know it kind of sounds silly, but it works.  Trust me.

It says:  Money will not be a problem!  I ALWAYS have ALL sufficiency in ALL things and abound to every good work.  My God shall supply all my needs according to the riches and glory by Christ Jesus.

Whenever Satan puts that thought or suggestion into my brain….I go back to that declaration and don’t give it another thought.  I am speaking life into my finances and into my home.

What sort of things do you struggle with?  Write down on a card and place it in an area that you will see it regularly and when those thoughts come, start speaking life instead of curses into your situation.

Have a blessed day!

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