Top ten mistakes made by homeschooling parents

I was asked to put together a list of some of the mistakes that parents make when choosing to homeschooling.  I am speaking from direct experience as I write this out.  Things I have personally learned to do and not to do.

Top ten mistakes made by homeschooling parents–and written out of motivation from what I have done wrong:)

 1.  Thinking “one size fits all.”

Every child is unique and learns at different rates, with different methods, and in their own ways.  That is what makes up who we are, our job as parents is to find out “how” to teach them so that we can do an effective job.

2.  Being unprepared.

I love the saying, “If you fail to plan, than you are preparing to fail.”  So true in life and with homeschooling.  You have to have a plan before you begin to know what to accomplish.

3.  Being motivated by fear.

One thing I learned early on is that everyone wants to question your motives and methods.  Even well meaning people.  They will wonder why your child can’t read or can’t spell a certain word by age 6.  Don’t let fear of your child not being able to do something motivate you to teach them.  If you work with them, naturally they are going to learn and if they don’t get something at the “public school standards time frame” they will learn it eventually.

4.  Always rescuing your children.

Life is going to have disappointments and failures.  It is part of the learning process we go through.  If we always try and “save” our children from falling, they are never going to learn how to get back up and continue onward.

5.  Being inconsistent.

When a child knows what to expect, and what the consequences will bring if they do not, they will comply.  But if they know that maybe that “one time” you will give in, then they will push you to the limits.  Having a routine helps your child know how to set personal and time management goals, which is key in life.

6.  Not admitting when we as parents are wrong.

If we can humble ourselves and admit our failures and wrong doings to our children, this will go a long way when teaching life lessons for them.

7.  Leading based on emotions instead of principle.

Getting emotionally involved when necessary is only going to lead to more heated conflict.  You need to separate yourself from the situation and teach from a distance.  Giving instruction, but not giving into their whims.  That is what they desire.  They desire to toil with your emotions and if you give in one time, they will remember that for the next time they want to manipulate you.

8.  Saying “yes” to too many engagements outside of the home.

You cannot teach your children how to learn contentment in life, if you are constantly filling up your schedule.  Children need time to sit and do work, where they don’t need to feel rushed.  They need time to think, to plan, to dream.  Having outside the home activities is fine, but if it is not creating a peaceful haven in your home, evaluate which ones you need to cut back on.

9.  Internet overhaul.

There are a million great ideas on the web.  I love Pinterest just as much as the next person, but if we are constantly looking up ideas and wanting to do every last one to fulfill a desire within ourselves it is wrong. Pick one and work through it.  Then when it is finished, move onto another idea.  Don’t implement too many at once, it will only overwhelm your child.

10.  As much as I hate to admit it…..I am not supermom!

Remember to set down expectation that you would “normally” have IF all of your children were in school and away from home each day.  The house would stay neater, things would not get out of place, your table would not become a constant book holder, dishes would be caught up, there would be no paper crumbs on the floor, and laundry would be done.  When you are a homeschooling mother or father, know that you have to do more than the job of keeping up the home.  Your first job is to be the teacher and the rest gets put on hold.  Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself.  Learn to let things go and just do.

The best way to teach your children is to DO as you SAY and as you DO!

Hope you are having a good week——I am busy coming up with a new thing I will be debuting in the next few weeks here. I look forward to sharing with you, this new venture in my life.  Be blessed.  Amy


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