This week’s hands on skill unit 1

This week’s hands on skill will be focusing on your bedroom.

Take what you have learned in your lessons this week  on how to

  • declutter
  • organize
  • clean

Put those lessons to work in your bedroom.  Do a thorough job.  It may take you one hour or it may take you all day!!! It depends on how much “stuff” you have in your bedroom.

Remember to move in a clockwise pattern around your room as to not get overwhelmed with what area to do next.  Just persevere and keep going.  If it takes all day, continue on the next day.  The key is to get it done this week.  Don’t give up.



Yes, there is a part 2:)  This week you will be writing a letter to someone.  Not a digital letter, a real physical piece of paper letter.  Think about who you could send an encouraging word to this week and work diligently on it until completed.

Print off the next pages downloads to help you with completing your hands on skills this week.


If you want a challenge for your daughter you can do this:

During the month have your child will be responsible for cleaning the room, making the beds each day, and taking care of the clothing.  That will include the laundry as well.  If you have other younger children that do not take care of this task, have your daughter take it on or oversee the younger ones.  If she has neither, let her be responsible to take care of your bedroom.

Another note for the bedroom is to let your daughter know that you are to flip your mattress at least twice per year.  To prevent it from sagging in one area.  A good rule of thumb is at the time change in the spring and fall.

Here are some printable to help with this daily, weekly, and monthly task.


An assessment for mom each week.