this weeks hands on skill the bathroom

I am sure that you are soooooo excited for this week’s hands on skill. I know it sounds not fun but it is just one of those things in life that you just do.  You will visit many homes in your lifetime and I can guarantee you will be able to remember the ones that had unclean bathrooms.  Learn how to effectively do it now while you are young.  As you grow, it will be no big deal to take care of the bathroom.  I promise.

Get your parents permission BEFORE you throw away any old items.  Keep them in a container to show to them and then ask if it is okay to throw them away.

Remember a job is a job.  You may have many different ones in your lifetime.  If you can learn to do it now, with a smile it will benefit you in the long run.  Learning to do something you particularly do not like with a happy attitude will set you above the rest of the people your age.

Put on your smile and your willing heart:)

This is an important are of the home and you want to make sure that your bathrooms are clean at all times, especially if guests show up unexpectedly and need to use it.  Make sure that your daughters are doing a thorough job, by wiping all around the toilet, on the sides and inside.  This room needs to be disinfected well, as it can be a germ infested area.

Want an extra challenge??? Take on this area of the home for the month….

Here are some printables to help you remember what to do each day, week, and month. As well as a weekly assessment for your mother.  Take on this task for the month.  You can do it!