The most stolen book…………really????

While listening to our local christian radio station the other day, I was shocked at what I had heard.  They were talking about the most stolen items in America.  The usuals were on the list, designer clothing, electronics, baby formula, basically things they could re sell on the black market.


Then they said the most stolen book was…………….get this……..the Bible.  Funny thing is I think that if you would seek it out any christian group or person would probably be very happy to get you your own for free.  Most ministry’s have the ability to get a bible for someone who needs one.


 I had to wonder what would be the reasoning as to why that is so?  A quick google search confirmed some theories.

  • The Bible continues to be the most printed book ever in history, its bound to be high on any list because of sheer volume.
  • People steal it for the thrill of it…”Look at me, I stole a book that says do not steal!”….people are so easily amused
  • Maybe people who are opposed to it are seeking to keep it out of others hands.  Yah good luck with that one.



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