The Fruit of the Spirit for a stay at home Mom


 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

Galatians 5:22-23

If we are to have “fruit” to show that our spirits are lined up with God’s in our walk, how does that identify with me, a stay at home mom?  It seems like I can’t have all these traits when I am just being with my little ones all day.  Here is what having “fruit” in my life would mean……


I have been up since 4 am taking care of the children, it is now 9 o clock pm and I am tired.  I look forward to laying down for some peace and quiet before my eyes droop shut.  When my husband asks me for some popcorn and a drink, if I can rise to my tired feet and gladly bring it with a smile….that is LOVE.


After finally getting the children to lie down for the evening after a long tiring day, the house is finally quiet.  The baby was needing to be cuddle all day, the toddler wanted to be held and the preschooler was getting into mischief.  Then Dad walks in the door late from work, announces that he is home and this brings little feet running out of their rooms.  Big smiles and happy laughs erupt from the little ones.  If in my heart I can see the joy that their Daddy bring to them, instead of focusing on how much work it is going to be to put them back into bed….This is JOY


At a low point in motherhood, loneliness presses in on me.  I feel like the cloud of doom is pressing in on me and I just want to get out.   I long to be able to visit with my good friends for some adult time.  Time when I don’t have to be “mom.”  When I see the neighbor comes over and my husband can sit outside and talk with him for over an hour without any interruptions.  If I can be truly glad that my husband gets to encourage and be encouraged by another person without feeling the jealously that I wish I could do that, ….that is PEACE.


I have been waiting all week for my husband to be able to fix the broken sink.  I have been doing dishes in our bathtub.  He has been working long hours and he finally has some time to do it.  When his Dad calls and asks if he can come over and help him right then, and in my heart I can avoid being resentful.  I know he won’t be able to get to it until next week, then this is LONGSUFFERING.


After a full day’s work for my husband, and he comes in exhausted and stretches out for a little rest. If I can remove his shoes without him waking, give him some covers, and take the children to another part of the home to keep them quiet.  Even though that will mean more work for me to try and keep 4 little ones quiet, then this is GENTLENESS.


Even though we are both working around the clock doing our different jobs, if I can take the time to write him a love note to put into his lunch…….and make it a point to tidy myself up before he walks in the door and give him a nice big hug and kiss….this is GOODNESS.


If I can trust and believe that God does hear my prayers for help in guidance and teaching of my little ones each day, even though Dad is gone most of the time trying to earn a living for us…..this is my FAITH that God will help me.


If when my husband notices where I can use some improvement in my life and gently admonishes me to try and better myself, and if I can receive his advice humbly without offense.  Then take what he said and try and work at it to do better….than this is MEEKNESS.


When the evening hour rolls around and I am mentally deciding which task I should do to help prepare for my long, busy day tomorrow,and my husband suggests that we all take a quick trip to the park to walk. Even though, it may be a little more work, if I can gladly go without mentioning all the things that “I” need to get done and recognize that this would be best for the family as we can build memories together, then this is TEMPERANCE.

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  1. This is wonderful, Amy, thank you! Sharing on FB👍

  2. Thank you Amy, as of whatwomen, We should think about what we could do to see the fruit of the spirit at home each day ! Love it !

  3. Thank you Amy, as women, We should think about what we could do to see the fruit of the spirit at home each day ! Love it !

  4. Thank you so much for this. I, too have been blessed with a large family and know exactly the scenes you described. Even though I work full time, I can totally relate. GOD has used you to speak to me, thank you again for being a GODLY obedient follower of Jesus.

    • I am blessed to hear that. We ALL work full time, you are busy just as I am busy. WE as women are busy!!!! It is blessed to be encourage by one another. Enjoy your day!

  5. wow. I think your views and your husband’s actions are improper. I think martyrdom is not something our children should grow up with, particularly the treatment of you by your husband. Your daughters will grow up to be doormats also, and your sons will be rigid and patriarchal. Please reconsider your interpretation of the Bible.

    • Actually, If I teach the way that Jesus taught my children are going to grow up to be like Him. He told us that TRUE Christians have evidence of the fruit of the spirit in their lives and then I teach my children to be like Him. Those were just examples of how we can show evidence of those traits when viewed from a Stay at Home Mom. I believe that if we truly exemplify what Jesus taught, we will be blessed. When I act the way Jesus wants me to be, it changes those around me. If my husband was self-centered or my friends were spiteful and mean—-if I do what I am supposed to do, then I have the FAITH to know that God will work out peace in those other peoples hearts. By doing what I am supposed to be doing, gives me peace. My husband will see what I need, it may take him a few months or maybe a few years, but shouldn’t someone show the “other inconsiderate people” how to act? If we ALL acted self righteous and felt that others should ALWAYS be kind to us—how are WE as Christians supposed to help show what CHRIST is doing in our lives??? Why would people want to be like Christians if they don’t see evidence of PEACE and TRUE HAPPINESS no matter what is going on around them? My children can see that by choosing to live a life of Christ gives you PEACE and TRUE JOY then you are not to be concerned of those around you. Even if your husband may choose to be “self-centered” for the moment. Those are good life lessons of how to act to others around us, because let’s face it, not everyone, even Christians act with the Fruit of the Spirit. Sometimes not even well meaning husbands or wives. But I teach them to be married through the good and the bad–the vows we take before God. I don’t teach them to live with the mindset that you will ALWAYS be treated fairly. In fact, I teach them to toughen out through the hard times, because if you do, you will be blessed. How many marriages can you see that are truly happy and successful at 80 years of age?? Ask them what advice would they give. Do you think they would teach the mindset of self-centeredness? Or is it more a give and take relationship?

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