Summer Pita sandwiches

This is something I enjoy eating every night if I could.  I make them in a variety of ways depending upon what I have on hand.  Most of the time I like to broil my pita bread to make it crunchy.   Here are some of the combinations that I make:

  • spread hummus, top with cucumbers, sweet chili sauce
  • garbanzo beans, top with cucumbers, sweet chili sauce
  • feta cheese–broiled, top with cucumbers
  • sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, bacon –broiled
  • garbanzo beans, feta cheese, cucumbers
  • hummus, topped with asian slaw
  • in a bowl place, chopped cucumbers, garbanzo beans, chopped beets, on side add sweet chili sauce and eat with the bread.  I scoop it on or put inside.

This is typically a dinner for me the mom.  When my family is eating pasta and such, I opt for this.  I love it and keep my pita in the freezer and pull out one for dinner every night.