Stuffed pizza rolls

IMG_20150116_185040This was something that we enjoyed making the other night when we had guests over.  It is super easy and tastes great!!

You will need:

  • crescent rolls
  • pepperoni slices
  • string cheese sticks
  • pizza sauce, for dipping


First you can dump out the pepperoni—because you know all your children are going to beg for some.  At least this way you can do a mental count of how many you need!!IMG_20150116_134311To keep them busy while you are hurrying to rolls these up, have them open up the many packages of string cheese. Are those wrappers impossible to open or is it just me??  Cut them in half.

IMG_20150116_134302Unroll your crescent rolls into triangles and add 3 pieces of pepperoni to the wide end.

IMG_20150116_134307Add a chunk of string cheese. IMG_20150116_134328

Begin by rolling the triangle from the wide end to the point.IMG_20150116_134332


Keep on going……IMG_20150116_134337

It will look like this.  What I did was tuck in the edges so that the cheese doesn’t melt out when you bake them.IMG_20150116_134350

Place on a cookie sheet.  We put ours into the refrigerator until serving time.  That way they could be hot and ready.IMG_20150116_183019Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes until golden brown.


Serve with pizza sauce for dipping.  Yummy!!!


4 responses to “Stuffed pizza rolls

  1. GREAT IDEA!!! We are soooooo going to try these! With 6 sons, I am certain they will become a staple in our home!!

  2. Nicole Richie

    Hi Amy, I am thinking of starting a blog and was wondering if you had any advice or wisdom on how to get started. Thanks, Nikki

    • hello Nicole,I wish I could say I was a technical genius and knew all the logo and how to do this or that, but unfortunately I am not. I have had to learn how to do things slowly. If I wanted to learn how to do something, I would do a google search and research how to do it. If you want to start out and see if you like it, I know you can do a free blog through If you wanted to do something more established get a host. I went through hostgator. I was able to get my domain name and set up through them and then designed my blog through wordpress. It is fairly easy. well I should say that I figured it out:) I am still learning, everytime I see something and want to do that, it takes me awhile to implement it but I get there one step at a time. So to say all that, goto and start trying things out or if you can buy the domain name and host package do that through host gator. You can goto their site and they will guide you through the process—even call and talk to you to help you out—which the poor guy did to a person who knew nothing!!! I wish I had more for you, I am just not super technical savvy—but I do know if you do a search you would probably find lots of information from other people who are way more qualified then I am to help you along. Hope this helps—Be blessed amy

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