Stop wishing things were different….encouragement vlog

I am going to start posting these on Mondays to help start your week off with a little bit of encouragement.  I hope that they will inspire you to start with something to help make your life a little bit easier.

Remember smile and be a joyful Momma!

12 responses to “Stop wishing things were different….encouragement vlog

  1. That’s really great, look forward to more!

  2. This is just how I feel sometimes, especially the part of being jealous of other moms who get a lot of help with their children, and have money to do lots of activities. I need to be content with what I have. I also seem to need to be reminded of this. Thanks for the video Amy and keep them coming.

    • Ashley, I am so thankful you wrote this. I wondered if people would like them or not:) This confirms it is a good idea!!! Every Monday! Now there is nothing wrong with wanting things, but things within our realm. If your husband doesn’t help because he can’t(mine worked many hours when I had lots of little ones and I was on my own:)) start asking the Lord where you can get some extra minutes in your day for free time for you. That might mean every night or every early morning you get up and have some quiet “you” time for 30 minutes. No money, the internet is FULL of low cost things to do and make…..I like the line in Cheaper by the Dozen where the Mom says, “We have to pay for things like food and water…” LOL It makes me chuckle because yes it is does cost money and sometimes we may not get what we want at the moment but we can enjoy those moments with your children very low cost:) I look forward to doing more:) Be blessed

  3. Love this so much! Very encouraging…I look forward to more of them! I have been so depressed and discouraged and not content. We live in a small house with 6 of us. It is falling apart. All my kids have special needs so sharing rooms is not an option but results in chaos. We have an eat in kitchen with laundry in it as well and the list of course goes on. I find myself so focused on it that I cant be content and move on with life, I hate living with that attitude. I just love your words and you seem so at peace and joyful. I hope some of that rubs off on me. Many blessing and love.

    • Gina, that makes me smile. It is very hard to be content with things, trust me I know that first hand. It is a choice, a choice you have to work towards. Make your list, see if there is something you can do to help make small changes towards your “bigger” change. I look forward to doing more:) Be blessed.

  4. southafricanmama

    Thanks for the awesome encouragement!

    • Your welcome, I am going to do one every Monday to help encouragement us to do something towards less stuff in our lives:) Thank you for your kind words. Be blessed!!!!

  5. Amy, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your blog, the free resources, the encouragement…and just being you! Thank you for letting God use you to encourage and bless other women.

    I have browsed your blog off and on for about a year, and just decided to make it “my blog” lol! I found myself perusing other blogs that encouraged much spending (although they claim to encourage frugality!) and were really just irrelevant to my life. I don’t have much time for blogs (or I *shouldn’t* anyway if I’m being responsible!) but do get ‘moments’ in between teaching the kids. I decided to make your blog my go-to blog, since I find it so uplifting, motivating and relevant!

    I feel really blessed by your godly resources and I just wanted to say THANK YOU – and let you know that you have a newly devoted, 33 year old mama in Oregon who is looking forward to learning from your wisdom – and passing it along to my 12 year old daughter, too (we’re looking forward to doing your home ec. course together next month!).

    God bless you and your week, too. Have fun at the beach with your kiddos! 🙂

    • Desiree, your comments blessed my heart so much, thank you!!! I am so happy to be able to share what we do. Its hard being the Momma at home all day long with your babies and not having a lot of encouragement and “you” time. I remember many of days being depressed and saddening, I just did not know of the world of blogs out there back then:) When the Lord put on my heart to do this, I thought, “Whats a blog?” and “Can I really have time for this?” But when the Lord tells you to do something, you do it. I had no idea, the outcome of how this would work. I am so thankful for His guidance and me listening. This brings me such joy and contentment from doing it. I look forward to doing more and am sooooooo happy you will be doing the course with your daughter. I love feedback on all of it—even negative feedback:) I know you read, because you know we are at the beach a lot!!!! LOL I am sad to say we haven’t been there for three days now, due to busyness BUT we will be back this weekend:) Be blessed Desiree, as I know that you are:) Amy

  6. I love your video! It’s so encouraging. I’m going to make a list and start working on it.

    • –that makes me smile and motivates me to keep working:) Thank you and make that list! I am going to work on mine too:)

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