snow ice cream recipe


This winter has been the coldest and snowiest that I have ever remembered.  My children enjoy it because we have had far too many winters where there was just no snow to make snowmen.  Well that is not the case this year, we have had multiple batches of snow dumped on us and there isn’t much relief in sight.


One thing that I like to do with my little ones is bring some of that snow inside for them to play with.  When you have little ones being outside is not an option. But we can fill up the sink with buckets of snow and give them some kitchen tools and let them play.  We make sure to put down a few large towels because it will make a mess.  But they will have fun without getting all cold.



Another thing we like to do is make snow ice cream.  We have tried different recipes and this one tastes the best we think. First you have a child go out in the snow and collect a big bowl full of clean fresh snow.


Then you gather your ingredients:  sugar, heavy whipping cream, and vanilla extract.


First you pour your heavy whipping cream into a bowl.



Then you add your sugar.  In this photo it looks like we add by the Tablespoon but actually we added about 1/2 to 1 cup of sugar.  Add it to your tasting.  Some like it sweeter than others.


Next add a Tablespoon of vanilla extract.


Then you take your big bowl of fresh snow.




and you slowly start pouring your cream mixture into it.


Get a good heavy spoon and start mixing it really well.


When you have it all mixed you can serve it up!


Here Jentzen really likes eating it.


The 1 year old really likes it too!


Jadyn, who was my main mixture is enjoying the fruits of her labor:)


Madelyn is working really hard at keeping that ice cream on her spoon!


We even added some chocolate syrup to the ice cream.



Autumn really liked that one best!

Go create some memories with your children, they are only little once.


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