small kitchen appliances

The electric mixer

This is a great labor saving invention.  Back in the olden days, they would have to mix everything by hand.  It was a long hard task.  If your mixer ever dies on you, and you cannot get another one, you will understand how hard it is.  The mixer makes our butter and sugars cream better, makes mixing a cake go so quickly, and even helps eliminate the hand mixing of making breads.  There are a variety of mixers out there.  Mixers on a stand give you the ability to just turn it on, add your ingredients, and walk around the kitchen completing other tasks.  That is nice.  A hand held mixer does not allow you the ability to do other things but it is an affordable device.  There are many safety precautions to be aware of while using this device.  Be sure not to get anything caught in the beaters.  Whether it be your hair, the cord, or a spoon, keep all things away while this is operating.  Children should be taught at a young age to never put their fingers in the bowl to test while you are mixing up an item.

Do not overload your mixer. Sometimes when making a cookie dough,  you add multiple items that become difficult  for the mixer to work properly.  This will result in a burned out motor.  The appliance will get hot and have  a burning smell.  Unplug it immediately, and let it cool before trying again.  It must be kept cleaned to work properly.  Wipe out any food that may get in where the beaters attach. The air holes where the motor head is should be kept clean as well.

The Crockpot

This is another great tool to have in the kitchen.  It works similar to your oven, and will cook food slowly over the course of the day. The Crockpot  is good to use when you will have a busy day, and won’t be able to tend to dinners in a timely manner.  It is also good to use on those really hot days when you want to conserve energy by not using your oven.

The blender and the food processor.

These have moving parts that cut, chop, slice shred, and purée ingredients.  If using the blender, you usually have to add liquid to get it to properly mix.  Be sure to place the lid on it before turning it on in order to avoid sprays around your kitchen.  The food processor rarely requires extra liquid to work.  Most foods can be dropped through the funnel while the machine is running.   Most food processors won’t turn on without being properly closed.  This is a safety precaution as the blades are extremely sharp, and will chop fingers off without hesitation.  Use extra caution when cleaning both of these items.  When finished using them, immediately rinse and wash them.  Place all blades back into the container to avoid anyone accidentally touching them in the drying rack. They are extremely sharp!!!!  Never stick an item in the machine when using.



Most of us know what  a toaster is.  It helps toast our breads, or warms up a waffle or pancake when in a hurry.  Use a wet cloth and wipe it down while doing your daily cleaning of the kitchen.  Once a month be sure to empty the tray on the bottom which collects all the crumbs from the foods.

There are so many more items that are helpful to have in the kitchen, not necessities, but helpful appliances to own.

Waffle maker—the ability to make your own homemade waffles

Sandwich maker—nice for a smaller family, easily makes pocket sandwiches

Electric griddle—great for cooking large amounts of grill cheeses, hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and bacon.

Electric tea kettle—if you don’t own a microwave this is great for making tea, or instant coffee each day.

Air pop popcorn maker-great for a  low calorie snack

Electric can opener—because can openers will fail, even hand held ones, nice to have a backup.