simple living lifestyle challenge 50 establish routines

simple living

The challenge: to establish routines

How many of us moms, can go about our day and later on question, if you remembered to brush your toddlers teeth that morning?  Or if the dog got fed today?

How easy it can be to forget the simplest of tasks because you fail to have a routine set for every morning and evening.

Why make the change:

Every family needs routines.  Routines help us to organize life, give  it a  sense of purpose, plus cut down on the chaos because people know what to expect.

Having routine helps maintain a sense of peace and order in our life.  If we know that each morning we have A, B, and C to do, then we do it without thinking.  If our children know that each morning we have A,B, and C to get done before they can go off and play that makes morning time much more stress free when trying to establish some basic tasks and chores in the morning.  It allows you the parent to not have to constantly “nag” your child to get certain tasks done.  Plus they get done without question.

How to make the change:

How do you go about making new routines?  You begin by making a list.  You make a list of things you want to accomplish yourself in the morning and evening.

You then can make lists for your children of the different tasks you want them to complete before school.

Be specific. Here is my sample morning routine list:

  • wake up/shower/get ready
  • drink a glass of water
  • make a cup of coffee
  • have personal devotion time
  • quick wipe the bathrooms
  • throw in a load of laundry
  • make breakfast
  • wake up children
  • eat and take vitamin
  • clean up kitchen/dishes wash
  • Begin day…..

Do a similar one for nighttime:

  • do a quick pick up of house
  • feed/water animals
  • make sure breakfast prep is ready
  • fill coffee pot with water
  • read a book vs watching a movie to fall asleep to

These are just samples, yours will fit your lifestyle.  I know that personally when my children have some order in their lives they are much better behaved.  They know what they have to do and they get it done.  There isn’t nagging from Mom, they know what is expected.  It gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Print your list off and place it in an area to see.  You can also make checklists for your children to check off each time they complete a tasks, gives them more accountability to get things done.


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