simple living lifestyle challenge 48 to challenge yourself

simple livingThe challenge : to challenge yourself

There is much reference online to making a “bucket” list  for the summer and a bucket list to do before you reach a certain age and I was always thinking to myself, “why do people need a bucket list to get things done?”  I realized I challenge myself on a weekly basis and my life is basically a bucket list.  Not many people think like I do and that is okay, thus the reason for a bucket list.

Why make the change:

I am not encouraging you to go and make a list of things like swimming with dolphins, go skydiving, etc.  But what is wrong with making a list that pertains to challenging our own life and making it better?  Why should we “settle” for being a mom who doesn’t know how to cook, one who doesn’t have a green thumb, or maybe one who has problems communicating in her marriage?

 We should be striving as Mom’s to be the best that we can be.

Striving to better ourselves will improve our quality of life, may save you some money, and will help enhance those lives of people around you.

What are some things that prevent people from challenging their life?

  • fear—fear of failure, fear of going out of comfort zone, fear of unknown
  • over -thinking—people start over analyzing things and start making a mountain out of a mole hole.  Just take things one step at a time.
  • not recognizing achievement—they fail to see how far they have come and look instead to how far they have to go
  • learn from it–as with everything learn from your mistakes, take what you would do differently and don’t be afraid to try again

How to make the change:

This part is easy, start by making a list of things you want to improve upon in your life.  Examples include:

  • learn how to bake homemade bread
  • learn how to sew
  • learn how to garden
  • learn how to be a good listener-by keeping mouth shut
  • share talents with someone–example teach sewing to neighbor girls
  • cut my food budget by 50%
  • make all foods from scratch
  • organize my paper mess
  • organize my household
  • make a budget and stick to it
  • make some extra income–brainstorm ways

There are so many different things you can do and with everyone it is a different story.  I encourage you to improve and challenge yourself and ways.  You will be a better person by stretching yourself and your comfort level.


Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.




2 responses to “simple living lifestyle challenge 48 to challenge yourself

  1. Julie Turner

    Hi Amy, I find it interesting to see how the Lord has been bringing you to live a more simple lifestyle. I have to say that our journeys are almost identical.
    I have felt the same convictions from the Lord as you. I also became interested in the Amish and Mennonites, believing that they had kept something important in their lives, that todays society had unconsciously thrown away. The Lord has led me on a remarkable journey that sounds so completely similar with yours.
    It is so nice to read of a likeminded sister who feels as I do about living a simple Godly life. Thank you so much.
    We only have a few Anabaptist type churches here in Australia, and not in the state I happen to live in, so for the most part I go it alone.
    But I have found a true Joy in living simple and taking our family out of the world and focusing on living for the Lord in all things every day.
    May God bless you much for your faithfulness to Him.
    Love Julie (Australia)

    • Thank you Julie, I believe when you make God the center of your life, He will be faithful to show you the areas that you need to be “simplifying” yourself in. Living a plainer lifestyle has helped me to find more contentment in my life and has brought my relationship with the Lord to an even closer level. We don’t have a single Anabaptist church here, but I have allowed the Lord to let me bloom where He has me. I am enjoying seeking His will for me instead of doing what “I think” is right:) blessed beyond all!!!

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