simple living lifestyle challenge 42 learn to unwind from stress

simple livingThe challenge: to learn how to unwind from a stress filled day

No matter what kind of life you have, simple or complicated it all comes with STRESS!  From being a stay at home Mom with a toddler, to a multi millionaire CEO of a company—they have two things in common—-they both experience STRESS.

Why make the change:

No matter how simplified our lives are things in life happen.  Babies cry, people will let us down, friends will let us down, dinner will burn,  money will be tight, the car will break down, and our husbands will let us down occasionally. It is part of life.  There is no way to avoid it. Nothing we can do to prevent it, it just happens it is called LIFE.  But knowing what you can do to help yourself unwind after a stressful day is important in saving your sanity, your heart, and your peace of mind.

How to make the change:

Next time, when everything seems to just fall apart, try some of these ways to unwind from stress:

  • Take a few deep breathes.  Sometimes when my children are driving me crazy and I want to yell, I stop and take a few deep breathes, breathing in, then holding it, and then slowly letting it out.  Sometimes it helps to do this 3-5 times as needed.
  • Do a self massage.  When tensions run high, give yourself a neck rub. Sometimes it helps to rub your head, massaging your scalp.  If you have a great massaging husband or child, let them do it for you.
  • Take a walk.  When life gets unbearable and you feel like you can’t go anymore without exploding, get away.  Take a walk and breathe deeply, letting go of the worries of the stress. Even if it is for 5 minutes, just to get out and get a chance to regroup will make a difference.
  • Take a day off.  For some of us, this won’t be possible.  But if you are having  a hard time with the children, let your spouse know that you are needing some time away.  Grab something to eat and go sit somewhere relaxing all by yourself and give yourself time to regroup.
  • If you aren’t a stay at home Mom, then spend time with your family.  Nothing is better than reminding yourself why it is your doing what you do at work—-you are doing it for your children and spouse.  Nothing is more important than family.
  • Unwire yourself from media.  Shut off your phone, avoid emails, avoid the television.  Just learn to shut your brain off for a few hours.  Constantly worrying about emails, status’s, or even stress of sites not loading up quickly are enough to stress you out.  Get away from it, go take a walk in nature, take your family to the park, learn to unwind.
  • Take a nap.  Nothing can cure stress more quickly than by taking a much needed rest.  Even a 20 minute cat nap will help you deal more effectively with the stress.

These are all great ways to help you as you unwind from your days.


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