Simple living lifestyle challenge 39 learn to say NO!

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The challenge: to learn to say, NO!

The ability to say “no” is a hard one in our society. Everyone likes to do this and that and everyone needs someone else to do this for that. We can busy ourselves up all day long by doing requests from everyone else. Sometimes it can get very overwhelming.  

The key to learning to simplify our lives starts with us saying, NO.  If you can’t say NO then you will just keep taking on too many activities, as well as too much stuff.  We just need to learn the power of the word–NO!

Why make the change:

Do you know that no where in the Bible does God say “thou shalt do everything that everyone asks of you, or you shall perish?” Most of our days are filled with running here or running there. Taking our children to youth groups, cookie sales, soccer practice, and visits with friends. Running to church meetings, choir practices, and bible studies.

We could practically fill each and every night with some out-of- the home activities. Now don’t get me wrong, all those activities are fine, in moderation, but when we get so far away from being able to sit and have family dinners, walks outside with our children, and just time to sit and reflect with our Father, those are the times when it is time to say “No!”

How to make the change:

Set a night each week that you don’t schedule anything but together family home time. Practice saying the word “No,” it is quite simple. The next time someone asks you to do something, just say “I’m sorry but I have something on the calendar that day.” Be sure to write on your calendar the word “something” so that you are not lying:)

On those scheduled no days be sure to do something that has everlasting eternal value. Spend some time in Gods word, go for a walk with your husband and hold hands, take your little ones outside and run around playing tag, or take your teenagers fishing. Choose things that are relaxing, free from media influence , and things that will bond you together as a family. You will never regret investing quality time with your family.

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