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simple livingThe challenge: to bake a treat this week

There is something that each of us may remember about walking into Grandma’s kitchen and smelling her delicious homemade sugar cookies.  Or the wonderful smells of homemade pumpkin pie cooking in the oven.  Whatever your memories may be, get back to them.  Embrace them and let your children, grandchildren, or just yourself enjoy some good homemade treats.

Why make the change:

How simple it is to go to the local grocery store and purchase a package of chocolate chip cookies?  We can even go to our local coffee shop and grab a whole tray of conveniently made treats.  But what about the simplicity in making some homemade cookies?  Besides the fact that they are much healthier for you then store bought ones, the taste can’t compare to fresh, warm treats out of the oven.

This challenge is all about simplifying your life and that includes your diet.  Take a look on the back of the package of baked treats.  Most of the ingredients are hard to pronounce and they are entering your body and doing damage to your insides.  You can easily make the same treat with about less than 10 ingredients.  Plus you know what you put into the treats and you can feel good knowing that your children are eating something that was prepared by you.

How to make the change:

We need to be teaching and training our children or grandchildren the fine art of baking.  Is it too hard?  No, baking is something each of us can do with a little practice.

Choose something simple.  Look at the ingredients, if it has many things and lots of steps to the recipe, then skip it and go on to something else.  Keep it simple until you are comfortable baking items.

These are some simple baking items that can be mixed in one bowl and they include:

 Replace your store bought treats with one baked item this week.  Hopefully you will enjoy it much more and will continue doing this for the rest of the year.


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