Simple living lifestyle challenge 22 write a letter

simple livingThe change: To write a letter

This might sound simple because you think that it will “qualify” since you write emails and text friends with encouraging notes almost everyday.  But I am talking about getting out that stationary—yes they do make it—and sit down and write an old fashioned letter to a friend.

Why make the change:

Why?  Do you ask should I encourage you to write a letter to someone? I don’t think anyone can disagree with me that it is a very enlivening  thing to be able to receive something in the mail, especially when it is just for us.   What a blessing it is, especially for “us” Moms, who are home each and everyday to walk out to our mailboxes, expecting to receive advertisements and bills and then come upon a letter, addressed to us.

It is a refreshing lift to our spirits to think that someone took the time to write a note of encouragement.  I know for myself, it is one of the brightest joys to my day.  Especially when the days were tough and I didn’t get to look at emails or even answer a phone call during the day.  But it was a joy to receive a letter in the mail, something I could sit down to, when it was convenient and enjoy a moment of encouragement from a friend.

How to make the change:

How do we go about writing a letter????   For starters you want to have some nice stationary.  I know for myself, I used to write on plain notebook paper.  Yes it was all I had and I didn’t really have the time to look for nicer paper at the store so it was my excuse, but now I know where the stationary is in my local store so it is no excuse to be sending out notebook paper notes:) It is very inexpensive, you can even pick up a packet of blank note cards for writing shorter notes.

In your letters you want to start out with some encouraging news.  I would use the default of “God” and start it out with an inspiring verse.  Maybe one that you have been thinking about that week.  Write a short line about the verse and how it is working in your life.

The rest of your letter should remain positive.  Don’t drag your friend down with news that is despairing.  Don’t dwell on the negatives in your life.  Speak about the positives.  I like to go through and give some tidbits of what each of my children are up to.  I like to put some things that I am working on and maybe some things that I am going to be working on in my own personal life and maybe ask for some prayer in those areas if needed.

I like to include a favorite recipe that we have enjoyed as a family.  I write it out on index cards—yes you should do it on nicer Recipe Cards–but until I find those….index cards will have to do:)

Sometimes I like to add a packet of tea that I enjoy drinking.  You can put in a packet of seeds, a prayer card, anything small and unexpected.

If you don’t have the time to write a lengthy letter, write short encouraging letters to friends that you know might be going through a hard time.  Give them some verses of encouragement and let them know you are praying for them.

I know for myself personally, this is something that can easily get forgotten in my life.  I have just recently marked it on my calendar twice a month on my Office days to write a letter to a friend.  I know what a blessing it is and how much WE need to have encouragement from our friends something besides the internet or our own Bibles.  We need tangible evidence from friends to know that the Lord is working through people to encourage and love us through all of our tough times.

Think of someone whom you can send a letter to this week, and I challenge that you continue on with this practice for life.


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  2. I love this post! I just wrote a letter to the NICU nurse that was with us when our son passed. I love that she and I keep in touch 2 years after with a simple note here and there. I have been thinking of this very subject a lot lately. Lovely post and well written. I like the idea of the tea bag inside as well.

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