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The challenge:  to play more

This challenge might seem like one that you would just skip over, but I encourage you to view this with an open mind.  I like the verse in 1 Corinthians 13:11

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

I firmly believe that there are many “immature” adults out there that just need to learn to grow up.  But I also firmly believe that there are many adults out there that need to “loosen up” a bit.

Where do you lie??????

Why make the change:

This challenge came to me this week as I was invited to attend a ladies day away.  Now I am not one to go out, EVER.  I firmly believe that I don’t have to “get away” for my sanity.  I should be able to find that in my home life.  But I was invited and my daughter insisted she would watch the children and thought it would be fun to go with my good friend.

This event, which was a ladies night out at a church, was one of fun, let down you hair and just have a good time.  We played some silly games, had fellowship, and all had a bunch of hearty good laughs.

So was that wrong??????

Was it wrong to go out and just have a time of relaxation and laughs?

No, I don’t believe it was.  I took care of my duties at home, made sure that my children were properly taken care of and that my husband approved and then I went.

Would I do it every weekend?  No…….Once a month?  Maybe……Once every few months……Most definitely.

How to make the change:

Is this easy for everyone?  No probably not, especially if you are a mother of many little ones.  I will admit that I have NEVER gotten away by myself in the last 8 years of having babies.  I know might be sad, but I was either pregnant or nursing a baby and there wasn’t time to go out.  My free time was spent going to bed early to catch up on sleep.

But now just this year has been the first time that my husband and I have gone out to dinner ALONE, I have gotten to take my children out on Mom and child date nights, and I have been able to attend a few things by myself.  But this is all a first.   It is just a new chapter in my life.

So what about for the mom who has many little ones that cannot get away?I encourage you to take this simple lifestyle challenge and do what it says.  PLAY with your children.  Don’t just change diapers, clean up, wipe them up, and get dinner ready.  Take the time to get on the floor and play with them 1 on 1.  Take the time to get out the blocks and make a tower, 50 times while they knock it over again and again.

Just get down on their level and take the time out of your day and sit and enjoy playing with them.  If you can get out, take them to the park and go down the slides with them, run around and chase them.  Play games.  Don’t just sit on the bench and look at your phone.  Engage and interact with your children.

You will be refreshed as well as your child enjoying some  Mommy time.

Take the time to either find some “play” time with your children, or see if there is an event at your local church for a Mom’s night out.  Grab a girlfriend and have a great time of fellowship.    It is good to be able to refresh your soul with a much needed break from the demands of being a wife and mother.  

Are you up for this challenge?

2 responses to “simple living lifestyle challenge 18 play

  1. Sarah Craggs

    My children are grown now and I am enjoying my first grandchild, but the things I most enjoyed doing with my children were reading aloud ( to me that counts as play!), colouring, having tea parties, letting them be the hairdresser to me ( give them a hairbrush, it feels great), the odd board game,going to the beach and going for walks in nature. Playful things but not necessarily play ( just in case that bores you as much as it did me 🙂 ).


    • Marney, that is an excellent point!!! It is good to hear another mother doesn’t necessarily enjoy traditional play–dollhouse, cars, etc. I like nature, beach, reading etc. Well said!! Have a wonderful day!

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