simple living lifestyle challenge 15 go tv free

simple livingThe challenge: to go tv free for 1 week

Ouch!!  Now before we get all crazy remember this is only for 1 week.  It isn’t forever, just a temporary step back to see how much more time you COULD have in your week if you would just shut off the tv.

In our home we haven’t had broadcast tv in a long time.  But we do have many DVD’s that we like to watch and I know that to occupy my children I like to put on a video for them to watch–I know use the TV as a babysitter- I am guilty.

One of my favorite things about visiting the Amish homes is that they don’t own a television.  It doesn’t mean that they haven’t watched it before but just that they choose not to have one in their homes.  What a blessing I would come to learn.

Why make the change:

I know that I can personally evaluate my own life and look at how many hours are wasted sitting around in front of the television.  So much disconnect within the family, no real communication going on.

If you were to ask any of my children how it was when we lost power for a week at our home, and they would ALL answer how great it was that we spent so much time together talking and hanging out.  Now I would like to be able to have my water and electricity still work but I definitely enjoyed having the television shut off for that time.  Yes at first it was bothersome, I knew that I had to spend time reading to my children and not doing what “I” wanted to do.  We spent more time talking and hanging out, there wasn’t much time for me to watch “my shows” but we all bonded as a family.

When television are on, Dad comes home and he is tired from a long day at work so he sits in front of the TV.  Children are excited because Dad is home and most of the time is spent telling  them to “keep quiet” or “move” to get out of the way, not a whole lot of family bonding going on.  Imagine having nothing to turn to but our families instead of escaping to unreality?

As with everything it is difficult the first few times but after awhile it will be amazing at how much you talk and share things you normally don’t talk about.  You might even find things to do like play games, or re-connect with your spouse or child.

The Amish choose not to have a TV in the home because it is sometimes treated as an idol.  Plus the amount of inappropriate things seen on TV.  I know you can control much with having your own DVD’s but it still can open the door to things that are objectionable.  It can start to become an addiction in your life something you MUST watch.  How many shows are on that you just can’t miss each week?  How many inappropriate words are our children listening to because they are “allowed” on shows and movies?

How to make the change:

This one is easy, just shut it off.  Yup, unplug it, move it if you have to and do not turn it on for a week.  Remember it is just for one week. It will be a little difficult especially when little ones start to cry and you just need to occupy them for 20 minutes, but try not to be tempted. Be prepared, include them in your work, promise a story when you are finished, make it enjoyable for them as well.  At night time if you are  inclined to watching TV, grab a book to read.  Or better yet, catch up on much needed sleep.  Your husbands’ might even enjoy spending more time with you:)

Remember this is all about simplifying our life.  If we can cut down on the chaos and wasted time we can be happier and more fulfilled in our days.

Let me know how it went.

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