simple living lifestyle challenge 11 switching to natural cleaners

simple livingThe change: to switch to all natural cleaners

People now a days, might think about eating more natural foods.  They might even be more concerned about what types of “unnatural” things that may be lurking in their favorite  convenience foods.  But for the most part I don’t hear much of people thinking about all the chemicals that they are exposing themselves and their families to on a daily basis through household cleaners.

I know for myself, I was more concerned with food and didn’t think much that my baby was crawling around on my freshly disinfected with bleach floor!  What was I thinking?!?!?!?  Now when I clean my bathrooms I can take my toddler with me and not be worried what types of fumes he is breathing in while I am cleaning the tub.

Why make the change:

There are a myriad of reasons as to why you should make the switch to all natural cleaners.  Here is  a page in my series as to why you should make the switch to all natural cleaners.  Be sure to click on the link to the National Cancer Coalition to see what types of things you are using that are known to cause cancer.

How to make the switch:

As with everything in life, we do things in baby steps.   Nine years ago, I was selling homemade all natural cleaners but then got lapse and started using store bought chemical cleaners.  I had baby after baby and found it “easier” to waste my money on “convenience” cleaners.  Over the last year and a half I really started to examine what I was doing in my life and wanted to make some changes, one of those changes was a switch to all natural cleaners.  I did it in steps.

First I made some all purpose spray, and started using that on a daily basis.  It took about 2 weeks to really feel like I was getting things cleaned.  This has been my favorite cleaner and I use it on everything.  Lots of potty training mistakes it takes the urine smell right out.  I use it everyday in my bathrooms and it cleans them up without leaving behind soapy residue like cleaners would.

You can click here and view my whole series. It lists how to make the switch in 21 days.  Take it one thing at a time.  Try it for about 2 weeks and if you don’t like it then don’t keep it.  But keep trying, change some of the products you use. Some is better than none.

Your pocket book, your lungs, and your long term health will thank you for attempting this.


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  2. I have used natural cleaners for a long time. Lately though I have felt that my bathrooms aren’t clean. There is a scum that has built up. What do you do for a deep clean with natural cleaners? I use my muscles so that isn’t it. 😉 We have very hard water too. Thank you.

    • Kersten
      hello girl, havent talked in awhile:) hard water, well what I used to do was use my natural cleaners all the time and then about once a month i would get that nasty toilet cleaner ummmm “the works” and lock myself into the bathroom to do a rust free tub and toilet:( so bad, then when my sink in the kitchen was unavailable and i was doing dishes in my bathtub for about a week….I discovered something….that my metal scrubber that i used to scrub my pots and pans, did wonders on my tub. It even scrubbed away all of the rust!!! But what I have found to be the most effective, is that when I am in the shower, which is everyday:) I take a bath pouf, that i use just for tub cleaning and squirt some shampoo on it and do a quick scrub of the walls of the tub. The shampoo helps cut the grease off of the walls thus making the hard water not stick to it. then usually on my weekly tub cleaning I use that metal scrubber to get the rust stains off of my walls. I have found this works great for me. Preventative maintenance is always better:) do a daily scrub, real quick. Take care.

  3. Awesome! I will try both of those things! Thank you! May not have chatted but I have been right here with you. 😉 I tried messaging you but my email got hacked and I changed my address. So sorry. You are doing a lovely job on your blog. Now off to read about kindergarten!

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