Simple living challenge 38 to simplify your clothing

simple livingThe challenge: to simplify your clothing

When I had visited some of the Amish homes I noticed something right away.  These women wore a very basic style dress.  They had an assortment of different patterns and colors but only one style.  There stockings were one color, their shoes one color.  I had to laugh one time as someone had given me one of their dresses to wear and I said, “Oh! I can’t wear that I don’t have any nylons to match the dress.”  I looked quite silly as they wouldn’t worry about “matching” as I did in my heathenistic ways LOL.

What I took away from that was that their wardrobe was simple.  A very basic one.  I don’t dress like I used to before, but I did take many of those simplistic principles with me as I created a wardrobe for myself.

Why make the change:

Having a simple wardrobe means that you can:

  • Enjoy everything you wear, everyday.
  • Have an easier time picking an outfit in the morning.
  • Feel refreshed instead of burdened or overwhelmed when you open your closet.

How to make the change:

I know there are many different ways to simplify your closet, this is how I do it myself.  For those of you that don’t like plain and simple, this might not work for you but for those ready for a change, I challenge you to try my way.

  • Pick a staple color as your base wardrobe color.  Mine is brown.
  • Keep your undershirts the same color.  I  wear layers of clothing for modesty reasons, I almost always have on a undershirt.  I have about 4 brown colored t shirts to wear under my outfits.
  • For bottoms, I have many solid color skirts–brown, jean, and khaki.  I do have some other stylish skirts and the main colors are brown.
  • My dresses have browns in them.  When I am shopping I look for those colors and know that I already have an undershirt to go with.  The same for my other skirts, when I keep my theme color brown, then I know that I can mix and match things and since they are the same “base” color they will work together.
  • For my summer wardrobe, I spice it up a bit and add purple colors to my wardrobe.
  • For shoes, I keep them simple brown.  Brown boots and brown sandals.  Simple.
  • For socks, I keep them black.  I should go brown, but haven’t found them yet.  All the same, no worries about unmatched pairs, because they are either ankle socks or knee highs.

By keeping my wardrobe with a staple color has helped me tremendously when shopping because I know what I am looking for and that it will pretty much go with what I have at home.  Simple, basic, and easy.


5 responses to “Simple living challenge 38 to simplify your clothing

  1. I would love to see pictures of your outfits, and how you put them all together and mix and match!

    • It is in the works:) Gonna take a few weeks of photographing but I am working on it now:) Thanks for idea

  2. Many times I have a random skirt and no top to match. I will buy it at a thrift shop but then come to find I have nothing to use at home so it sits there. I love this idea. I too would love to see some outfits! Also I will get lazy about getting dressed if it is too much trouble to put something together. With 5 kids who has time for that, right? Thanks for the tip. I just can’t stand it when the yoga pants win!

    • I wholeheartedly agree, you just gave me an idea for a new series on modest clothing…….in the works:)

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