sick foods

When my children have been sick, especially with a stomach sickness.  We usually do nothing until they stop vomiting.  Small ice chunks to suck on if they can handle it.

Then we get a bottle of Vernors–has to be this kind. It is ginger ale.  I let the carbonation out of it, by opening the bottle and letting it sit.  I give them small amounts of this to sip on.

Then we go to saltine crackers or homemade bread toasted with a tad of butter.  I like to cut them up into small chunks to make eating easier.

Our next step is applesauce.

I remember the doctors calling it a BRAT diet.  Bread, rice, applesauce, and toast.  If I have bananas I would try and give that as well.

Simple plain foods until their stomachs can adjust to regular foods.