Should we have limits???

Your staring at the cell phone plans on your computer and trying to decide which one to choose.  The one on the left LIMITS the amount of talk, text, and data that you can have for a SMALLER fee.  The one on the right has an UNLIMITED plan for talk, text, and data but of course for a much HIGHER fee.  Which ones are we more apt to choose?  Is it better to decide on the limited plan for a smaller price or an unlimited for the larger price?

Our world is full of  unlimited measure.  We live in a land of abundance.  For most everything, we can have unlimited access to it.  But what if we chose limits?? How could our life improve?

What if instead of unlimited internet access whenever we wanted, we set a LIMIT and chose 2 hours a day that we were allowed to use it.  Would we have MORE time to spend in God’s word?  Google and Youtube are great online tools but they are NOT going to take us as far as GOD can take us in life.

What if instead of having unlimited access to a kitchen full of any types of food and any time of day we were allowed to eat we set a LIMIT of when we ate and what we ate?  Could setting a specified time each day that we were ONLY allowed to eat, decrease the amount of EXCESS on our waistlines?  What about a step further……what if we ONLY had access to whole foods and we had to PREPARE treats and snacks instead of eating unhealthy packaged ones?  Would our health improve over time?

What if we had to choose that we ONLY went shopping once per month instead of running to the store when we felt we needed.  Would that FORCE us to spend less money and USE up the fragments that we do have.  Would that LIMIT the amount of CLUTTER we brought into our home because we would STOP frivolous spending and buying things we didn’t really need? Would we have less debt and save more because we would USE what it was we had, instead of WASTING it and buying something else?

What if we had to limit the amount of time we sat and watched television?  Would it force us to have time for exercise?  Force us to go outside and enjoy the wonderful nature that the Lord has provided?  GIVE us more time spend with our families creating bonding moments?

What if we set a limit of the amount of tasks we had to complete each day?  What if we had to choose 3 things that NEEDED to get done each day.  Would we be able to focus on them more clearly instead of jumping around trying to complete multiple tasks without ever really getting anything done?

Our limitless world is not always a good thing for us.  We should be thinking about where in our lives that we could set limits.  Just because it is unlimited does not mean it is good.  Choosing to have limits in an unlimited world is something we MUST do.

Which plan will you choose today……… the limited or unlimited plan???

2 responses to “Should we have limits???

  1. southafricanmama

    You have so clearly articulated what has been in my mind for so long! Thanks for this post and so much useful homemaking information on your blog. It is true that in a world where MORE (more stuff, more activities, more commitments outside the home etc.) is always seen as better,everything even (or especially?) our to -do lists seem limitless. Setting limits and boundaries in my life has actually been – and continues to be 🙁 – a spiritual discipline for me. In my case (though maybe not everyone’s) trying to “do it all” is really a matter of pride and lack of faith in God’s ability to work things out even if I can’t.

    • I believe you have summed up that article best—-our lack of FAITH in God to work things out even if WE can’t!!! I like that. Be blessed

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