Setting up a cleaning system for your home part 2

Now that you have your list made as you continue on, you may think about a few extras that you had forgotten and that is great, just keep adding them.

I want you to gather up all your daily chores and place them on a new list.  These are all things that you feel is important to do each and every day.  In our home these things include:

  • picking up master bedroom and making bed
  • picking up boys room and making beds
  • picking up girls room and making beds
  • quick wipe of the bathrooms
  • sweep of the kitchen and dining room floors
  • washing one load of laundry
  • feeding cat and dog
  • feeding the chickens
  • empty the big trash can
  • wash dishes/put away after breakfast
  • wash dishes/ put away after lunch
  • wash dishes/put away after dinner
  • wiping the counters and table after each meals

Yours may be different depending upon the needs of your family and that is great.  You just want to give yourself something in writing of things that NEED to be accomplished each and every day.

A quick tip… you write down your daily chores on the following page, scratch it off from your original list to prevent missing anything during transferring.

Another tip…..You may want to delegate a different child for each meal.  For example Jadyn washes the dishes at breakfast while Brooklyn puts them away.  Autumn washes lunch dishes while Madelyn puts them away.  Dinner Mom washes, while Evan puts them away.  You can get however specific you would like to get.

For our family, we choose a day for each child to do dishes.  Monday and Thursday Jadyn puts them away after every meal.  Tuesday  and Friday Brooklyn puts them away. Wednesday and Saturday Evan puts them away.  On Sunday, I typically just put them away.  The children that do not have to put dishes away then helps with clean up after each meal.  Every family is different that is just how we choose to do it.  It is much easier for me to look at my chart and know who is supposed to do dishes for the day instead of for every individual day.

Daily Chore Lis1


Now looking over your list, do you feel confident that these are things you need done each and everyday?  If not take some off and put them back on your other list.  Maybe you feel that you only need to vacuum once per week instead of everyday.  Then again maybe you will decide that you need to do that two times per week to keep your home clean.  If that is the case then leave that in the weekly category.

Any successful manager will know the fine art of delegating to help their job be successful.  That goes in home management as well.  If you only have little children, know that the workload will only be on you.  But a positive, is that with little ones, your home doesn’t get as dirty as it would with many “mobile” children.   As your children grow and the work demands increase, you should be able to give them some tasks and they can contribute to your family structure.

With all that said, place the initial of the child that can help with that chore for the day.  It is okay if all of the tasks are completed by children.  I promise, you as the Mom will have many more opportunities for jobs throughout  the day.

Now you are going to get to work.  Look back on your list from yesterday and work on today’s daily list.  Keep this aside for some extra time today while your children are doing something on their own.  Once you have your list all finished you can start implementing it.

Take note, you may notice things that you forgot to add to your list, go ahead and add them and delegate them to someone.  For the next few days you will have to reference this list quite frequently and help remind your children until you can get them something just for them to look at.  This is just a temporary list.  Place it in an area that you can see it.  On the refrigerator or by your work station is a good place to be able to reference it throughout the day.

Keep working, I am praying for you as a mother to rise up and help conquer the messes and chaos in your household!  Be blessed!

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