Roasting marshmallows…..


We had a great weekend, as we usually do, lots of time spent outside playing t-ball with the children, having a BBQ, swimming–usually but it is only 68 degrees for August:(, and then we have a fire to roast marshmallows for a nice fun wind down to our day.

We have always used the regular type cylindrical marshmallows, but this time we used the flat square ones.  They worked so wonderfully.  I don’t know if my children all of a sudden became experts at toasting marshmallows, because they almost always burn them, but these didn’t burn as quickly.  They turned a nice roasted brown color and then didn’t puff up and make a mess.  A nice “clean” roasting marshmallow so to say.DSCN2625Definitely something to try next time you think of roasting marshmallows with your children.  


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