quick bread and muffins

Quick breads are not typically as sweet as a cookie, but more flavorful than plain bread.  They make a great addition to breakfast and work great as a quick snack.  If you become proficient at making them with good results, they are excellent to give as homemade gifts—who wouldn’t enjoy eating a delicious tasting homemade treat?

Quick breads require a different process than your “knead and let rise bread dough” does.   For most quick bread and muffin recipes, the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients are mixed separately first.   Mix your dry ingredients together thoroughly to ensure even distribution since the liquid is only mixed in for a short time.  Stir with a wooden spoon, beaten eggs and milk thoroughly without beating up excessive foam.  The two mixtures are combined quickly, mixing only until dry ingredients are moistened.  Over-mixing causes toughness and tunnels.  It is best to just combine with a wooden spoon instead of an electric mixer.