practicing new skills

Reading about kitchen skills will not make you a good cook.  The only way to develop  good cooking ability is to actually prepare food.  There is no substitute for experience.  Although a good cook is always eager to learn all that she can from books, magazines, blogs, or by talking to other cooks.

Don’t worry if some of your food doesn’t turn out the first time, we have all had our flops as new cooks in the kitchen.  When you fail, try, and try again.  Be persistent. Take note of what you did wrong, stay positive and don’t repeat that mistake next time. Gaining knowledge in the kitchen is a skill you will never regret learning in your lifetime.

The following is a list of things you want to complete while preparing your foods in the kitchen.

  • Put ingredients away when finished with them
  • Wash the dishes as you go
  •  Dry the dishes and put away
  •  Wash the countertops and any food that may have splattered on the walls, cupboard doors, or floor
  •  Scrub the sink
  • Wash the stove
  •  Put the dishcloth and dishtowel in the laundry or hang them up to dry
  •  Sweep the floor

The following is a checklist to do for your own personal self while cooking

  • Did I wash my hands and pull my hair back before starting to cook?
  • Did I follow all the directions?
  • Did I keep my work area clean and neat?
  • Did I practice good safety habits?
  • Did I complete my project on time?
  • Did I leave the kitchen clean and neat after I was finished?