Planning out a HUGE monthly shopping trip

Hey everyone, hope your having a great week!  I was busy this past week getting all of our meals planned out for the month, then it was a HUGE , did I mention HUGE shopping trip?  Here is a little video on how I planned out and organized our monthly meals.

Hope your enjoy….and have a blessed day today!

2 responses to “Planning out a HUGE monthly shopping trip

  1. I love your posts & videos! Don’t let comments make you feel bad about processed food or whatever. We each do what we’re able : ) You do an AMAZING job – we love your cooking plans and your curriculum – and it amazes me that you do all that in addition to raising 10 kids!

    • You are exactly right! By the way I like your blog posts on feeding a vegan and an omnivore:) that is a great idea! I am looking through them:) have a great evening

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