planning and shopping for a weekly meal

Planning and shopping for a weekly meal

This week  ask if you are allowed to plan out a weekly menu for your family.  Keep it simple, not overpriced dinners.  Keep it routine, if your family likes Taco Tuesday, then keep Taco Tuesday. Plan for a variety of meals for the whole week.  Think about what types of activities you have that day and whether you will be able to make that meal.  If you are going to be out of the house, it wouldn’t be wise to make a baked chicken dinner or homemade pizza, think Crockpot.  Plan according to your schedule.  Find out what your budgeted amount is for groceries before you begin, so you have an idea of what to spend.

After you have planned out dinners, write down some lunches and breakfast ideas as well.  Again keep it simple.

Next take the time and find out what ingredients you will need to prepare all of those foods.

  1. Check your pantry for items that you already have.
  2. Show your list to your parent and ask if it looks ok.
  3. Head to the store and go shopping. I would highly recommend not going during the busy hours. Especially if this is your first time shopping, choose an “off” time like later at night or earlier in the day.  The stores are less likely to be crowded and you will be able to focus and take the time to look around for what you need.

Remember all the tips I gave you and put them into action.