Paying my children to learn the Books of the Bible

Tell me to do this years ago with my first set of children and I would come up with all kinds of remarks…..”Pay your children to learn biblical things?!?!?” “That is absurd!  They should want to learn just because it is God’s Word!”  “We shouldn’t teach our children that they have to be rewarded to learn about God, they should learn it is blessing enough:)”

Yadda, yadda, yadda, that would have been me……I admit.  But, fast forward ten years later and see that by paying your children to do things like chores or special jobs doesn’t turn them into greedy young adults who expect things in return for the work that they do. It just motivates them to learn or do it quicker:)  I am not worried that my children will grow up to be lazy, self-centered adults…that hasn’t happened yet with any of my children:)  So I think a little reward money when learning things that they might not learn otherwise…is good:)

This month, I offered my children a $1 for learning the books of the old testament and $1 for learning the new testament.  That might not be much for some children but just like I told my children….its a treat at the store that you normally would not have:)

We went on youtube and found a books of the bible song and played it over and over again so that we had ample time to learn them.  My daughter brought home a printed list of the books of the Bible and we used that to study from as well.

Most everyone learned both of them. It took less than a week and they were happy with their  new found cash$$$$  The younger ones who didn’t learn them completely, will get the chance another time.

My children do normal everyday chores without compensation but I also have them do extra chores that they earn some weekly money from.   This is nice so that when we go out and I normally would buy treats for them anyways, this way they can use their own money and feel like they earned it.

So Momma’s, need a little motivation in getting your children to learn something that they won’t naturally want to do on their own??? Give them some money. 🙂  Be blessed as you enjoy your week.

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  1. We actually pay our children to memorize scripture. It is a motivation to them – and the Word will not return void. We start with the book of John. I have two children who have memorized all 21 chapters! And one of my sons has memorized Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Tim, 1 & 2 Thess, and Titus along with John. They have to quote the whole chapter at once with basically no errors. They earn $15 a chapter. Then once they have quoted all 21 chapters of John they can go back and review each chapter. They can then quote the chapters (1 at a time) again and earn an additional $3 each. This helps them review and hopefully they will retain it then. Yes, it can be expensive – especially with 10 children – but we consider it an investment.

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