Life Skills for Young Men week 10

I hope your enjoying this for your young men.  Here is the next week’s worth of studies.  Download and print if off and add it to your binder.

Click here for week 10

If you would rather purchase then course in its entirety, you can purchase it from Amazon.  Click here for that page.


Free 8th grade Math course

As promised,  I am finishing up with the 8th grade courses and will be posting them this week.  This complete course includes 280 pages of work. I would suggest doing 2 pages per day for 140 days or we like to do school 4 days a week for 35 weeks.

I hope the start of your week is going well.  Be blessed!

***(I apologize I scheduled this to post on its own and I didn’t realize it was on Sunday that I was posting it.  Sorry, I like to keep no posts on this day.)

Click here to download it

Our “real meals” for the week

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a great week and are ready for inspiration into “real meals” for the week.  This week we started out with:

Taco soup. We always make more of a chili then the actual soup. But this time we kept it more soupy.  It was good.

We served it with taco toppings.  An easy meal and everyone ate something out of it:)

The next night we tried something different.  The older ones really liked it alot.  I have some going through a “I don’t like pasta phase?!?”  But it was a keeper for us.  It is southwestern pasta.

Then I wanted to make a side my Mom use to make. Ambrosia salad.  It was good and tasted like I remembered.

We actually served the pasta like we did the taco soup the night before.  Topped it like a taco. It was good.

We then did some chicken fajitas.  I used chicken tenders sliced up.  Pour on some taco seasoning and you call it done and easy.

We got some more watermelon and ate that with it.

This was an easy meal for today. 

We had fun making mini  meals for the children’s toys.  They enjoy watching youtube videos where people make mini foods.  So we cut out a small plate and cut up some watermelon and cut out a taco for Ken.  We call him Action Man instead of Ken:)

It busied the children while I was doing some food prep. So it worked:)

The next night we made another new dish and it was DELICIOUS. If I did Pinterest and had a board, I would put this on it.  It is called Million dollar casserole.  So good. Make it exactly like it says, do not stir the casserole and use the same noodles. I think it made it taste great. It is almost like lasagna but without the noodles. Some of my children don’t like lasagna, but they loved this!  Make it, you won’t be disappointed.

We  baked this day so we made some homemade bread to go along with it.

The children also had fun making their own bread creations.

We also baked some brownies.  We have been watching cake boss lately and he used potato chips, pretzels, and caramel corn inside his cakes?!!? So we thought we would try the pretzels on top of the brownies. 

I can say we really like it and will cover the entire brownies next time.

Here is Action Man showing off the children’s baked goods:)

I then mixed up some hot chocolate mix for the children to drink.

We then did a breakfast meal for a night as well:)  Eggs with sausage and bacon and diced potatoes. 

We made our banana chocolate waffles as well.  Serve it with strawberry sauce this time.

I mixed up a packet of biscuit gravy to go over the eggs if they didn’t want the tortillas and salsa.

Then we hit sick mode.  🙁 So I made a big pot of chicken and gravy over biscuits.

The week ended with some little ones being sick with vomiting.  Yuck. So after that vomiting stopped, we went for some sick foods.  Ice chips, vernors, and the next step was toast. I cut them up for them to eat small pieces.

Then we just ate some leftovers.  It worked.  I didn’t have to cook and I was able to tend to children.

What sort of “real meals” did anyone else have this week?

Be blessed!

Back to homeschool party and busy park days

We had our second back to school party this past week at our local library.  I am thankful our librarian, Ashley allows us to meet here each month.  We get together every month and do a different themed gathering so that we can meet other homeschooling mom’s in our area.  Yes, we do have a large homeschooling group in our bigger town but that is not always an option for everyone.  This is local, its smaller, and it is very laid back.

We did the same thing as we did last year.  We had the children fill in their “All about me” posters and then took a picture with them holding it.  It works for a good memory for that school year. 

Last year we did large sheets of paper and it took a long time to fill them all in, so this year, we cut them in half and it worked.

Here is Autumn’s paper.  She is doing 3rd grade this year.

Jadyn is doing 6th grade this year.

Madelyn is just starting out in first grade. 

Jentzen is doing first grade as well.  He is my “all boy” 🙂

Brooklyn is doing 4th grade this year.

We also did Homeschool Bingo.  They had to go around and find a friend that corresponded with the page.  It was good.

Summer, brought some cookies and we iced them.

I also printed off and read “Would you rather” and they always like answering that.

It was simple and easy.  But it was a good way to connect with others for an afternoon.

We have also been very blessed to be part of a community that just put in a new park!!!

My children are so excited.  We go to our park almost every day.  They love to play and I can walk around on the paved walking path to get some exercise as well.  It has been a great place to connect with other homeschooling families in our town as well.

We had a grand opening ceremony this past weekend.  They had face painting..

Here Lauren, Evan, and Matthew gave out candy and ice cream cups.

They also had funnel cakes, snow cones, and cotton candy.  All free —the children loved that:)  Well mom did too:)

What a great way to spend our afternoon on Saturday—beautiful weather and sugar:)

Then we came home and celebrated Evan’s 17th birthday!  Wow time sure does fly. We had a nice time and it was a great day all around.

The next day, everyone was pretty worn out—sugar crash:) We opted to stay home and relax.  This was what most of them did…..snuggling their kitties and just chilling.  A good lazy fall day:)

Hope your day is just as relaxing as ours was this day:)  Be blessed!

Life Skills for young men week 9

As promised, I have week 9 for you to download and print off to add to your son’s folder for the year.

These are the “home economics” course for guys.  I am having my son go through these and it helps me as a mom to think, “Did I cover everything I needed to teach them?”  Even though it is helpful to have a male figure in your son’s life that is not always an option for everyone.  This is a good starting point in helping you “figure out” guy stuff:)

Click here to download

Have a blessed rest of your week:)