Free course: High School Writing

Writing to my teenage son, who is a high schooler, is sooooo boring.  Can you blame him? Well, me myself, I like writing, but if you don’t LOVE it, I understand about not wanting to do it.  I had to come up with something that covered all he needed to know, without making it painstakingly boring.

This is what I did:

This includes plenty of writing practice, but not enough to make them despise writing. I also included random memory tips to help them along the way in life. Also commonly misspelled words, punctuation, grammar rules. They also will learn the first Chapter of John from the bible.  They memorize a poem from Robert Frost and they will also learn Psalm 23.  So it has good points to it, but I’m not having him write a ten page theses on something he is never going to do:)

Enjoy and check it out.

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I pray you have a blessed weekend, we have some of our very dear friends coming down this weekend and next week for a visit. I will be off for most of next week.  After they leave, I am back to writing—I will be starting 4th grade stuff!  Enjoy your families and see you soon!


8 dozen eggs gone in one hour food prep session?!!

Okay, what started out as an overabundance of eggs, turned into a few meals for my family.  I am working on using up the leftovers that we have in our home this past week.  Upon counting we had over 12 dozen eggs in our refrigerator this past week, yikes!?!? It seems it is either not enough eggs to make a meal with, or way too many to count. I can’t complain at all, I just need to come up with some creative ways to use up those eggs.

The first thing I made, was a batch of homemade brownies made from a recipe from my friend, Danielle. It used 6 eggs for each 9×13 pan.  I made two pans–cha ching!!! One dozen gone.

Then while that was cooking, I started filling my big pot with 2 dozen eggs and covered them with water.  Making hardboiled eggs for us to munch on for snacks—Two dozen gone!!

Then as that was boiling, I had to move fast, because I knew that I would have to peel them, I started cracking four dozen into my mixing bowl.  I then added about two cups of milk and whisk away.

I got the griddle out and added my grapeseed oil and started coating frozen pieces of bread and making traditional french toast.

One loaf of bread gone and 2 more dozen eggs!

While that was cooking, I had an open burner so I fried up some turkey sausage links to go with our breakfast dinner.

Then a child came in and asked if we could have some smoothies to go with our breakfast dinner. Sure, why not add one more thing.  This was easy. One jar of homemade yogurt in the blender, about 1/3 cup sugar, handful of frozen blueberries, bananas and strawberries and blend away.

Some wanted more blueberries on top so I added them. Others wanted homemade chocolate granola.  Yummy!

         After the sausage was done cooking, and my French toast was done cooking, I chopped up a package of ham that I had in my freezer.  I used half of it in the pan and heated it up. 

I then put the remainder of the eggs in the pan. Two more dozen gone!As my brownies were nearing to be done, I whipped up an angel food cake as well—–love these!!!!’

I took the other half of the ham and made chicken cordon bleu casserole for tomorrow’s dinner.That was how I got rid of 8 dozen eggs in less than an hour’s food prep!

FREE high school journaling prompts

I have a high school boy who doesn’t particularly like to write, what boys do?  So I had to think about how I could get him to write, without doing it as a “school lesson.”  I came up with this.

I created well over 180 journaling intro’s that he can journal and write about each day of the school year.  I am going to take this list and cut out each question and glue it in a spiral bound notebook.  Everyday, I will have my son, answer the question that is on the top of the page, in journal form.  This will allow me to  give some feedback to him and check his writing skills.  I will use a red marker to correct any errors and let him look them over each day.

I did this for my daughter as well, with a little bit more thought provoking questions.  But this will be good for my reluctant writer.

Hope you enjoy!

high school writing prompts


FREE high school English course


Click the  link for a complete FREE high school English course.  This is all that your high schooler needs to know. I will be having a writing/word usage course for high schools coming up soon.  This FREE high school English course covers all the nouns, verbs, sentence structure, etc. Check it out! and Pass it along!


high school English

DIY Resurrection Eggs and Jesus Tomb treats

Happy Resurrection Day!

I pray you have a blessed day with your family and friends.

We have done resurrection eggs for many years with my children. Way back when I first became a Christian, our ladies group made DIY resurrection eggs.  I thought that it was the neatest thing. My children really enjoyed doing them every year.  Before we moved here, my little ones had played one too many times with the Resurrection eggs and had lost most of the pieces.  Thus, I did not get to bring any down when we moved here.  I was thankful to find a set at our church that my children did the story with for our first year here.  This year, I decided that we needed to make a couple of sets to have on hand, so we invited some friends over and made it a day about celebrating Jesus.

We decorated our egg cartons with paper and markers, then glued them on top.

I then let each child pick out the colors that they wanted for their eggs. I was able to buy a bunch of eggs in bulk for cheap:)  Most of the items that we used for inside were things I had found around the house.  The only things I had to purchase were a pack of dice, a fern looking branch, and some crosses.  –I could have made the crosses by hot gluing sticks, but for $2 I bought a packet.

For the insides we placed:

  • a fern looking branch–I got an entire sprig for 99 cents at Hobby Lobby–to represent waving of the palm branches upon Jesus arrival to Jerusalem.
  • communion cup and oyster cracker—we saved ours after communion at church:)  -to represent the last supper.
  • 3 dimes–to represent the thirty pieces of silver of Judas’ betrayal.
  • piece of twine–for the arrest of Jesus or for when they beat him.
  • dice–the soldiers cast lots to see who would get his clothing.
  • crown of thorns–I twisted mini spike like twigs to form crowns–when they mocked Jesus.
  • a nail–for when he was placed on the cross.
  • a cross–for when he died on the cross.
  • a piece of sponge and a toothpick cut in half–for when Jesus said, I thirst and they gave him vinegar to drink–let them smell vinegar to understand how yuck it is.  The spear for when they pierced his legs to kill him faster and out poured water.
  • piece of cloth—when they wrapped his body.
  • a rock–for when they placed him in the tomb.
  • empty–when they opened the tomb and he was not in it.

Here is a PDF of the pages that I gave out to each child so that they could know the Bible references to what we just did.

resurrection eggs—PDF FREE

We then did the Resurrection rolls.  We did these last year and my children enjoyed them.

The marshmallow represents Jesus body–pure and white.  The crescent roll or biscuit—we have done both ways, but I think we prefer biscuit ones more–represents the cloth they wrapped Jesus in.  Make sure the marshmallow is completely covered.  Then dip it in melted butter –for the oils they anointed his body with. Then roll in sugar and cinnamon for the spices they placed on his body.  Bake according to package directions.

You can click here to see a better step by step of this–from last year.

These are actually really good treats.  These are the crescent roll recipe.  If you click the link above, you can see the biscuit recipe from last year.  Enjoy and be blessed! resurrection eggs