Room by room series boys room, master bedroom and laundry room

Happy Monday!! Hope your all having a wonderful start to your week.  I have another installment for my series…room by room. This includes my little boys room, the master bedroom and bath, main bathroom, laundry room, and linen closets.

Just finished testing and am a happy Momma to be free!!!  I am sure the children are about ten times happier than I am 🙂  Enjoy your week…. finish up school, start thinking of summer plans, or just get through your day:)  Be blessed ! Amy

4th grade reading comprehension

Here are some reading books that we will be doing for 4th grade this year along with comprehension questions. I will assign a book and have them read 1/2 hour to 1 hour per day depending upon the reading level of the child.


4th grade reading comprehension


Here are some outside links to reading comprehension downloadable pdfs to print off

the boxcar children

pippi longstocking

the whipping boy

Little house in the big woods

The Borrowers

mr poppers penguins–-we chose only a few pages of this

stone fox—you have to click on the different pages but you can print them right off

FREE 4th grade English course

Good morning everyone, hope your week is going great! I just realized that I had never even posted this course yet?!?!?!  Too many course, too much computer lately?!!??!  Here it is ….pass it along if you know of someone who can use it:)  Have a wonderful day!

4th grade english

FREE vocabulary courses grades 4th through 9th

Today I have free vocabulary words for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade.

These words are all appropriate for the various grade levels and each year your child will gain 250 new vocabulary words.

My suggestion on teaching, is to give the weekly page to the student.  Have them cut the words into flashcards and practice learning them.   Reading, learning the definition, and even spelling are all good ways to teach vocabulary.  Have them practice using them in everyday speech each week as well.

There are 21 weeks of words.  You can easily do one sheet for every two weeks depending upon how much you want to study this.  There are 12 words per sheet.  I have found this will probably be the most beneficial for my children instead of doing numerous worksheets each week.

Hope you enjoy an easy, no fuss way of doing vocabulary.

Be blessed!

4th grade vocabulary words

5th grade vocabulary words

6th grade vocabulary words

7th grade vocabulary words

8th grade vocabulary words

9th grade vocabulary words



Happy Mothers Day

I don’t normally ever post something on Sunday. I like to take this day and do as the Lord says…  But as I was doing my hair for church this morning the Lord laid it on my heart to post something small.

I want to pray for all the mommas out there no matter what your situation may be. Today is your special day.  Even if your children don’t come see you, or  your children are not walking the paths of life that “we” think they should, or maybe your husband doesn’t acknowledge today for you or maybe your just having a bad day.  I pray you see the little glimpse of happiness in your day today.  I know its hard work. I know the toil that taking care of babies can do to you. But keep looking up, keep smiling at those babies and give them lots of hugs and kisses today.  You may not get a day off because you can’t , just keep doing what you have to do, the Lord will bless you and honor you.

We are the ones to call blessed, we birthed those babies and got to raise them up.  We know God will take care of them if we do as we are told.  I love all you mommas out there…..take a few moments and do something good for yourself. Have a cup of tea or coffee, sit in the sunshine, or send an encouraging text to another friend today who may need it.

Be blessed today!  Amy