Our “REAL LIFE” meals for the week

Hey everyone! I hope your having a great week.  Here is some more “real life” meals.  I love hearing the comments on how this is what is really done in homes.  We don’t always have the “Pinterest-perfect” looking meals, we make do with what we have.  No one has gone starving-ever:)  It works.

This week we did some baking and I wanted to try out this apple cupcake recipe that we had.  I bought a container of caramel frosting at the discount store and I thought it would make a great frosting—it did.  These cupcakes are so good, I only wish I had more diced frozen apples to use up.

I had two quart bags of diced apples so we made some mini cupcakes as well as………

some larger ones.  These were so good.  Click here for the recipe.

We used the canned caramel frosting for the top and the children had to put sugar sprinkles on—who cares if they are christmas ones right?!?!?

I also wanted to make a snack type food so I made this creamy cheddar taco dip. We have made one before but this called for chopped bacon—it was really good.  Click here for the recipe.  We served it with tortilla chips and then when those were gone, we used saltine crackers–still a good choice.

Then since last weeks waffles were so good, we made another huge batch.  This served as many breakfasts and then I froze some and I used some for quick meals when I couldn’t make any.    Baking day was busy, so we had an easy dinner. I made some chicken noodle salad.  This served as leftovers for my husband for a few days.

I made some store bought—gasp:)  chicken patties.  I was out of buns so we just served them alongside the noodles.  Easy meal–almost like chicken nuggets just a different shape:)

Chili is a good staple.I normally always have beans on hand. If I have taco seasoning and ranch powder, I can make this with anything.  I had green lima beans this week–so we used some of those.  I served with crackers.   The link is the recipe I normally use, this week I used:

  • hamburger
  • pinto beans
  • chili beans
  • lima beans
  • tomato sauce
  • corn
  • taco seasoning
  • ranch powder
  • salt

It is basically the same, just using a few substitutions.

The next day I made some hot dogs and we had those with chili. Some children just ate them plain.

chicken cordon bleu in crockpot. I served it with some egg noodles and veges.  Easy meal–using up shredded chicken, ham lunchmeat, and creamy sauce.

I also made a large pot of cabbage vege soup. For whoever would eat this–I only have a select few children who like it and it was my main meal most days.  I have been focusing on walking/running each night and this is a great healthy meal for me to consume.  I froze some containers after a few days and it was easy to pull out in the morning to thaw for myself for dinner or lunch.

I made this meal for my men. I had some roast beef lunch meat and onions and peppers. I placed it in a bowl with some beef broth and let it cook while I was doing other cooking.

I didn’t get a photo of it on the actually bun—but the next day out of the refrigerator:)  It was good.  Like a philly cheese sandwich.  I topped it with Provolone cheese. *Tip if your like my household and things disappear before you need them, I froze the cheese slices so that no one would eat them before this meal was made.

Then I started just cooking Kielbasa one day and was going to serve it plain with fettucine and sauce, then my daughter said, why not make Jared’s casserole. 

So I did, Jared—was a person my husband worked with and he made this at one time similar to it.  We have always called it Jared’s casserole.  Basically: kielbasa, pasta, alfredo sauce, and tomato sauce. Click here for recipe.  This was leftovers for two days.

This was another throw together day. I was unable to make anything before so I came up with this.  Not bad:)

Boil some noodles and add it to canned vege soup plus a few other ingredients. Click here to see how we made it better.

These were our “real life” meals this week.  Hope they give you some sort of inspiration to dig deep within your freezer and pantry:) Be blessed

Life Skills for guys week 6

Hello everyone, I have the next week available for you to print off and add to your son’s school this year.

Hope you enjoy, be blessed today.  Take a break and a breath when life seems overwhelming.

Click here to download.


Abundant Life study week 4

Hey everyone!  Hope you all have had a wonderful long weekend. Our town just put in a new play structure park so the children and I have been there every day playing for hours:)

After moving down here, we noticed the lack of “good” children’s parks to play at. Yes, I understand they put the money into things like waterfalls and mountains and hiking trails:) But we still like a good park.

We were very excited when we moved to this town because they had just put in a big walking path.  It was great because it was only about 1 minute from our home and we would ride our scooters every day on it.  Now we are about 5 minutes from it and we can come play every day on the structure.

This swing is great for Mommas and their babies–wish I would of had one when I had little ones:) (Autumn and her doll)

It has been nice to get much of their energy out. Plus it has a walking path right around the play structure so you can walk and still see all of your children:)

My children call it their “Michigan park.”  Good memories from where we used to live.  Very thankful to be in the town we were placed in. (Stephen and Collin’s old iphone–he thought he was cool having his own phone, which doesn’t even work:)

We have also been doing school which is going nicely, it fills up time in our days so it is good.

Today, I have the 4th week of the Abundant Life Bible Study available for you to download or to add to your teens bible study for the year.

Click here to get it

I hope you enjoy and as always, be blessed today. Smile at your little ones, give your husband a hug and kiss when he comes in the door, and focus on keeping your voice lower today:)  I will too:)

Our meals for the week

Hello, okay I have another week of our meals.  It’s funny I don’t think any of these meals are “Pinterest” worthy, they are just plain basic meals.  Listening to a sermon from our Pastor and he said, everyone will post the steak dinner that they had and we all think that they eat like that all the time. In reality no one posts the peanut butter sandwich or hot dog meal that they had on the other days;)  It gave me insight into the reality of …yes this is life.  I am sometimes just lucky to have a basic meal on the table for them to eat.  It is nutrition for them, nothing fancy, just food for their bellies:)

With all that said, here are the meals that we made last week.

We had a lot of eggs so I made a breakfast meal.  We made egg mcmuffin sandwiches.  I made them simple by adding some bacon bits in the bottom of my chicken fryer and then cracking eggs on top.  I cooked them for a few minutes so that the bottoms were set, then pour a little bit of water around the edges, put the lid on and let them simmer real slow until they were all set.  I cut them out, placed on an English muffin, added a slice of cheese, and there is your egg mcmuffin.

Then we made some banana chocolate chip waffles.  This was a little different spin on our traditional waffles. I used the same recipe, I just added some frozen bananas–because I have a bunch in my freezer and I want to use up my fragments.  The chocolate chips were just to make it more appealing:)

I wrapped all the sandwiches up individually so that they would stay together easier and placed them in a pan in the oven.  I covered the waffles and placed them in the oven as well. I kept it on low so that everything would stay warm before dinner time.  This was great to have leftovers for breakfast.

Spaghetti is a traditional standby in our home. I had some leftover meatballs so I threw those in the crockpot, added a couple big cans of tomato sauce, spices, and had an easy spaghetti dinner.  Here is the recipe.

Even though I am posting this next, we didn’t have this until the end of the week.  Homemade lasagna. 

I bought three packages of noodles and made two big pans of this.  I froze one for another day of this month when life gets busy:)  We actually had this two days in a row.

My friend Tammy gave me this next recipe. It was delicious and makes a lot.  My husband does not like Mexican sort of meals so I made this after the spaghetti day and he was more than happy to have spaghetti over this:)  Everyone else enjoyed it.

I placed out all the ingredients for toppings and we made taco sort of individual plates.  We had the following as toppings:

  • corn tortillas
  • flour tortillas
  • enchilada mixture
  • lettuce
  • cheese
  • salsa
  • sour cream
  • ranch

This is a new meal that we definitely will be having more of.  Super easy. Click here for the recipe.

I made up some extras from the leftovers and froze them on cookie sheets. We will have these for a quick lunch.  Corn tortillas are good when baked in the oven for an extra crisp.

We had enough of this to have for a couple of days. My husband happily ate leftover spaghetti–he can eat that for days…not my children:) 

Then we had a hamburger meal—the ones from Aldis.  We added baked beans, watermelon and we had leftover chips and salsa.  It worked:)

This was our week. Maybe not too exciting, but it was food for our bellies:)  Have a blessed day.

Life Skills for Young Men book ready on Amazon!

Hey everyone, busy, busy week, isn’t it always. I guess the cooler weather down here makes it feel like “winter time” as my children say. In reality it is only 70:)  It means no lake swimming and less being outside because it is cooler:)  We have DEFINITELY acclimated to the southern temperatures.  It allows me to be inside and do work instead of being out in the sunshine:)

We have started school early just  because we aren’t doing anything else, so I have been working in between all of my household duties and getting this book finished for my son.

He wanted to start it at the beginning of the school year and I am thankful to be finished with it so that he could start.  He is on my cover and helped decide what sort of shot we were going to take.  I was thinking him out shoveling in the yard or raking, and he was like ,”Mom, why not have me holding my Bible sitting in the woods.  Isn’t that the most important part of being a man?”  Made my heart smile:)  So we did and I think it looks great!

This book covers 18 weeks of lessons, the same lessons that I will still be posting under the Life Skills for Young Men page. I will be posting every week until it is all finished. But for those of you that would like a hard copy of the same thing, you can purchase it from Amazon.  Click here to get it.

Hope you have a great rest of your day as you head into the weekend!!