Our REAL meals for the week

I can see that this post gets a lot of view on my site:)  It must mean that people are more “real” then “perfect”.  I am enjoying seeing others meals, it gives some inspiration for things I may forget to do.

This week was another busy week.  I had our shopping trip for the month planned so it was busy. I also had a couple of appointments that I had to run to, so that meant easy meals.  But all in all, everyone ate this week, no one starved, and I don’t feel like a horrible mother:)

Here is what we had.  We started the week off with baking.  I had some flour and made some of our honey whole wheat bread.  I did a double batch which yielded us much bread for the week.

I did something different this time.  I remember seeing a friend roll her dough out and then roll it up to form loaves.  I had always just formed them with my hands.

I wondered if it made a difference. 

I didn’t notice any difference in the way the bread turned out.

It was good! We had this with every meal this week.  Some children prefer butter and others like strawberry jam. 

Then we needed some sort of snack………we always have popcorn seeds so we made some caramel corn.  My son broke my candy thermometer so I had to try a different recipe that didn’t measure the sugar mixture in degrees and I found one and it worked great.  You can click here to see it.

Then we had some melting chocolate and decided to make some of that kind as well.  We also had some caramel candies that we mixed in with the chocolate, it just made it extra chewy:)  No one minded.  I make the popcorn layers thick so that when a child gets  a serving of chocolate popcorn, they get an equal amount of plain popcorn to go with the chocolate.

Then my son Jentzen, has been talking about making a cake forever.  I decided to let him this day.  We had a cake mix that we made and I let him decorate it himself. We made our own frosting with butter, powdered sugar and milk. He had a great time.

This was the amount of caramel corn that we made–it didn’t last us all week:)

Here was the bread all wrapped up. I left it on the counter top and after three days I put it in the refrigerator.  For the rest of the week, I toasted the slices on my griddle and served them this way.

Jadyn decided to help Jentzen with his cake decorating skills. He was wanting to make a race track with cars, and she found some piping icing in the pantry along with some M&M candies.  He had a great time and she didn’t mind at all.  This was much easier for me:)  Notice all of the dishes in the background from baking—yikes!

Here was our first meal.  I had made a double batch of lasagna earlier in the month and froze the second one. I pulled it out and let it thaw and then baked it in the oven.  We had this on day 1 and then on day 2 we made it again, but I found I had 1/2 bag of meatballs in the freezer so we heated those up with some Alfredo sauce for the second day.  Those who don’t particularly care for lasagna were thankful for the meatballs.

Day 3 was tater tot casserole.  This has been a favorite of  my children’s and we typically make it each month.  We also made some homemade mac and cheese and served with some veges. For my mac and cheese this time, I had nacho cheese, shredded cheddar, and some powdered cheese to make a sauce with.  We only had curly  noodles so that is what we used–they didn’t mind:)

I still had some cabbage vege soup and had been eating that this week. I have been taking the children to the park to play each night and then I walk around on the walking path.  It is helping me shed some pounds that have creeped up on me:)

Day 4 was chili over spaghetti.  I found a recipe from the Duggars that they made called Cincinnati chili, we didn’t particularly care for the flavor of that as it tasted like cloves, so we made our own rendition of it with plain old chili beans.  An easy meal that will fill you up.

Day 5 was toad in a hole.  This day I had run to the doctors in the morning and then came home and within an hour had to run my son to another appointment and it took up my entire day.  My children did not want to eat any chili so I remembered this meal from when I was in middle school. Toad in a hole.  I had literally 10 slices of bread and knew I could make it.

I put some bacon on the bottom of the hole to give it more flavor.

Then I still had a frozen pack of waffles from last week that we made.  We had this and the children thought it was the funnest thing they had ever eaten:)  Simplicity is good!

I only had so much bread, so I fried a few corn tortillas and served them with refried beans and salsa. This I ate and it was perfect.  Protein but simple.

Now for day 6 and 7 I was out shopping. These days were crazy busy.  At my last stop which was Sams Club I decided to spend an extra $20 and buy pizza rolls and pizza bagels. I came home and baked those and that is what we had on day 6.  No pictures because I had gone monthly shopping and it was very busy and then I just forgot.

Day 7 I was feeling not so great, I again saved myself some sanity and bought some tater tots and chicken nuggets and that is what my family ate.  Again I was so busy that I forgot to take a photo.

When life gets crazy, keep it simple.  I pray you have a great rest of your week into the weekend. Be blessed!

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  1. You are very encouraging!! Love reading your blog. You have helped me so much with taking care of my family of 11. I usually get my meal ideas from you!!! Blessings, Crissy

    • That makes me smile. I think it is good to see others that don’t always have the “perfect looking” meals each week:) Have a great day!

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