Our meals for the week

Hello, okay I have another week of our meals.  It’s funny I don’t think any of these meals are “Pinterest” worthy, they are just plain basic meals.  Listening to a sermon from our Pastor and he said, everyone will post the steak dinner that they had and we all think that they eat like that all the time. In reality no one posts the peanut butter sandwich or hot dog meal that they had on the other days;)  It gave me insight into the reality of …yes this is life.  I am sometimes just lucky to have a basic meal on the table for them to eat.  It is nutrition for them, nothing fancy, just food for their bellies:)

With all that said, here are the meals that we made last week.

We had a lot of eggs so I made a breakfast meal.  We made egg mcmuffin sandwiches.  I made them simple by adding some bacon bits in the bottom of my chicken fryer and then cracking eggs on top.  I cooked them for a few minutes so that the bottoms were set, then pour a little bit of water around the edges, put the lid on and let them simmer real slow until they were all set.  I cut them out, placed on an English muffin, added a slice of cheese, and there is your egg mcmuffin.

Then we made some banana chocolate chip waffles.  This was a little different spin on our traditional waffles. I used the same recipe, I just added some frozen bananas–because I have a bunch in my freezer and I want to use up my fragments.  The chocolate chips were just to make it more appealing:)

I wrapped all the sandwiches up individually so that they would stay together easier and placed them in a pan in the oven.  I covered the waffles and placed them in the oven as well. I kept it on low so that everything would stay warm before dinner time.  This was great to have leftovers for breakfast.

Spaghetti is a traditional standby in our home. I had some leftover meatballs so I threw those in the crockpot, added a couple big cans of tomato sauce, spices, and had an easy spaghetti dinner.  Here is the recipe.

Even though I am posting this next, we didn’t have this until the end of the week.  Homemade lasagna. 

I bought three packages of noodles and made two big pans of this.  I froze one for another day of this month when life gets busy:)  We actually had this two days in a row.

My friend Tammy gave me this next recipe. It was delicious and makes a lot.  My husband does not like Mexican sort of meals so I made this after the spaghetti day and he was more than happy to have spaghetti over this:)  Everyone else enjoyed it.

I placed out all the ingredients for toppings and we made taco sort of individual plates.  We had the following as toppings:

  • corn tortillas
  • flour tortillas
  • enchilada mixture
  • lettuce
  • cheese
  • salsa
  • sour cream
  • ranch

This is a new meal that we definitely will be having more of.  Super easy. Click here for the recipe.

I made up some extras from the leftovers and froze them on cookie sheets. We will have these for a quick lunch.  Corn tortillas are good when baked in the oven for an extra crisp.

We had enough of this to have for a couple of days. My husband happily ate leftover spaghetti–he can eat that for days…not my children:) 

Then we had a hamburger meal—the ones from Aldis.  We added baked beans, watermelon and we had leftover chips and salsa.  It worked:)

This was our week. Maybe not too exciting, but it was food for our bellies:)  Have a blessed day.

8 responses to “Our meals for the week

  1. I love these “not too exciting ” meals! Thanks for posting them. I love the simple inspiration! I haven’t had any time to make stuff from scratch for a while now & I’m actually realizing how much time I’m saving just doing basic meals. Works for our budget and our time. Please keep these up 🙂

    • I will:) I know I have noticed the same thing. I am going to do some “unplanning” for next months meals and will post how I do it soon:) Glad my “uninspiration” is helping inspire lol

  2. Love the real food posts.. Sure nice fancy meal post gives great ideas.. but the real budget savers are great! Last night was a “clean out meal’ night! The weather was fluctuating between cloudy/windy/chilly and sunny cool… I pulled 2 jars of veggie beef soup out of the freezer and a jar of leftover beef broth.. tossed that into a pot.. I pulled out a package of hot dog buns.. a bag of hot dogs leftover from the last cookout( thanks for leaving them here Gpa!)…. I grabbed the last 4 baked potatoes from the fridge and peeled and diced them up. I seasoned and fried the potato cubes while the soup finished heating.. Cooked the hot dogs on the Foreman grill ( no need to waste propane) and served with containers of fruit from the fridge.. It was a minimal supper but no one complained.. there were no leftovers and that was the goal!

    • I loved to hear this! This is exactly what we have been doing this last few weeks. I am down to a minimum of food, no one is starving:) but we are gathering up our fragments and making it work. When life happens, you do what you have to do! Thanks for the insight into your meal:)

  3. Gina Phillips

    I love that you are sharing this! I always feel like I have to make these big meals so sometimes I get overwhelmed and don’t cook at all. I really need to train my family that I don’t have to cook restaurant quality meals every night. These posts are so inspiring. My favorite simple meal we have been doing we call “Baked Potato Bar”. I bake potatoes and provide green onions chopped, shredded cheese, sour cream, butter, bacon bits, a bowl of heated hot dog chili, a bowl of heated nacho cheese and a bowl of broccoli w/ cheese sauce. My husband loves to have a works potato followed by one with the chili and nacho cheese. I am also trying to cook once and use it twice. We made chili the other day and the next day I put it over a bed of salad topped with cheese, crumbled taco chips, salsa and chipotle ranch dressing. two meals but only one cooking day,

    • That sounds delicious! We had done that before……….hmmm good inspiration, now I have to find me some good potatoes this week while shopping:) Thanks!

  4. Gina Phillips

    We usually just get a big bag from aldis of potatoes. with all the toppings I don’t mind. But if you have a local IGA check your online sales ad because sometimes they get potatoes even cheaper. I know our IGA had a 3lb bag of green giant for $1 this week on the sales flyer!

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