Our first weekend in North Carolina

Okay after being inside my house for the last few days, it was time to get out and see all this beauty that I was missing out on. IMG_20141104_164945

Here is a view from our front yard.  We live on a mountain and every direction you look towards is another mountain.  We are surrounded by them.  IMG_20141104_164949

It makes for extremely nice days like think 70s but your nights get cool—around 35-40s.  It is wonderful to be able to have the children run around outside and enjoying the sunshine.  Collin has been working on getting his car finished( he restored a Camaro before we left—built floors, fixed the body and painted it)  and he is sunburned being outdoors each day.  Being up on a mountain the house is damper.   We keep a dehumidifier running almost constantly to keep away the wetness.  Not a muggy humid, just a wet one.  Michigan was humid and I did not care for it, but this is a different kind of wet.  IMG_20141108_132559

Greg found us a wonderful place to go our first weekend.  We went to Dupont Falls National Park.  IMG_20141108_133158

It was gorgeous, a big hike to go see these waterfalls but well worth it.  We had to laugh, here we were not completely out of shape, but definitely not used to hiking and we were huffing and puffing and even stopped to take a break. We saw some older ladies chuckle at our need to rest as they kept right on going up the trail!!  People are active around here, so many older people we saw walking the trails, different than what we were used to.IMG_20141108_133821

Here the children made the steep climb up.  They were troopers, this will be wonderful come summer time when it is hot.


We then did some driving to find our next destination, Carl Sandburgs home.  Everything was GPS because we don’t know how to get anywhere at all.

We finally got to Carl Sandburg’s home.  It was gorgeous.  A great place to go and its FREE!!!IMG_20141108_160446

The only problem I have with moving to a new area is that I do not know my way around.  I am so thankful for GPS , I don’t know what I would do without it.  In our family most everyone has an iPhone.  Myself uses a blackberry.  I get teased that my blackberry isn’t the best all the time.  We constantly joke whose phone is better.  For the record, the blackberry got us down to North Carolina–not the iPhone.

Here was some “fun” footage of us getting lost once again.

Hope you enjoyed, we are going to try and do maybe a video or two each week.  Give everyone more of a “real” sense of who we are.  Hope you like them.



6 responses to “Our first weekend in North Carolina

  1. Hi Amy,
    I just ran across your blog while searching the internet for info pertaining to the amish. (We just had neighbors move into the land next to ours and they are Amish). Anyway, love your blog and saw you are in NC. So are we! Thought I would say hello and see if we are near each other. Feel free to email me …. I’m enjoying your blog!

  2. Hi Amy,

    I just found your blog while searching for large family meals on Pinterest. I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog. I can so relate to this post. Our family just moved from Louisiana to Colorado. We’ve gone from 200 feet above sea level to a mile above, and it has taken some adjustments to get used to the altitude difference. We went hiking in a canyon with a local homeschool group shortly after our move, and we had to keep taking breaks. And we too can not get around without GPS! 🙂 Thanks for your large family series posts. Our family is not quite as big as y’all’s (we have five children), but I enjoy drawing information and tips from larger families. 🙂 Adriane

    • Wow that is a big move!! My husband lived in Colorado and he says it is beautiful. I would love to visit and see how awesome the mountains are out west verses the ones we have here. Large family vs small family—its all the same, we are ALL busy moms, no matter how many children that we have. I am glad to meet you. Be blessed. Amy

  3. Hi, Amy

    Just found your site today and am enjoying poking around. I live within walking distance of the Sandburg Home. Glad to have you here in NC.

    • excellent Carol, we love going to Carl Sandburg home. We actually have a little wooden plaque that we sell in the store. We live down the road in the next town by Lake Summit. Flat Rock is a fun little community town and we enjoy seeing the Wrinkled Egg on our way into Hendersonville. Do you have any children?

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