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Here at plainandnotsoplain  I have always believed in putting my readers first.  From the moment God gave me the interest in starting this blog, He has provided financially for me to run it.  When I first started out and didn’t have many readers, I was asked to write some blog articles for another site through a friend, this provided financial resources for me to be able to keep my site running.  Over the next few years, I diligently kept adding content to build my readers and then was able to write books and offer them to help pay for my maintenance.  I have never used pop ups—which I find the most annoying when I view other sites, or do any type of money making advertising on my blog.  I have always wanted to put my readers interest first and not my money making strategies.  I believe if the Lord wants me to continue doing this, then He will provide me ways to make money by offering things that would be useful to my readers.  That is where this new course was made from.

Home Economics is something that many of us may have grown up not knowing how to do.  The need for mothers to have careers and be away from the home has not allowed our generation to teach and train our young woman how to be proficient at basic household skills.  Our girls are educated at the highest degree of education, but are unable to know how to prepare a basic simple meal.  But all that can change.  We can change, by helping educate young and old women alike on the basics.

Here at plainandnotsoplain, I offer a FREE home economics course online, but the  problem is that it takes you away from my site to numerous other sites for the details.  This was fine when I first started out as I did not have much content, but it also may warrant unnecessary advertising and things not in our control.  I fixed this by writing my own books and offering those for sale through here and Amazon, but I wanted to revamp the online course and allow young women, and older alike a place where they can learn without worrying about what type of things they were seeing on their computer screen.

I have completed and now am debuting  exclusively through my blog a kitchen skills course and it  will give you details about basic cooking skills.  This course  includes 30 hours of instructions, videos, quizzes and downloads.  After completion you will receive a Certificate of Achievement from Mountain View Academy as proof of your work.  Use it as credit towards a Home Economics credit for high school course.

As a special introductory price, I am offering this course at a special rate of only $5!!!!  You can sign up and begin learning now!!!!

Click here to begin learning in a SAFE environment—with ZERO pop up ads.

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  1. Hi! I bought your home ecs kitchen skills printable book and read your home ecs lesson plan. I’m very interested in translating it in french for my church here, in Québec, Canada. I’m wondering if you have a version of your curriculum that is all printable and so available offline (including the texts in links) so I could translate easier. Thanks so much for all this work!! God bless. Myriam

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