New Seventh Grade Basic Skills Curriculum available

Hello, I hope your day is going well.  I am up early today to get this posted and available, for those that are starting to get your schooling planned out for next year!

This is 36 week school curriculum.  For 7th grade the main focus is on basic math/pre algebra, writing skills, English and reading.

You can purchase this on Amazon if you click here.

I also have a PDF answer key for this book under the homeschooling resources section.  This will also allow you to take a look at what this book contains.

I hope you all enjoy your end of you week and I thank you for your continued support.  I truly am blessed!!!

6 responses to “New Seventh Grade Basic Skills Curriculum available

  1. High Amy!
    When I go to the resources page and try to access the 7th grade answer key
    it says Error Not Found.

  2. Is there any possibility you will be puttting out 8th before next year? My daughter is in 8th…but you know how homeschool is, what grade she is actually in is all scattered. It is 7th math, 6th English…but they are advanced curriculums (something I was unaware of until someone told me. Not trying to sound prideful. My kids are just normal kiddos!), so I think the 7th grade would be a year of review for her.

    Also, are you planning on continuing this through high school? I want to try out your books, but am insecure, and totally freaked to switch curriculums. What we have is working for us, it just takes forever. I cut things out and it doesn’t seem to help! I think it is just my kids. I want to teach real life stuff and waaay more JESUS than present, and right now, with my daughter taking up to 2 hours for math, and battling my son (3rd) to write a 4 sentence paragraph…I just want to cry.

    Sorry. Got way off topic there!

    Will the pdf versions of the books also be available, or hardbound only? Thanks so much Amy.

    • Hello, no I understand completely:) I am going to have my son do 7th and 8th grade this year. Which means about half way through the year I will have that one done. Yes I will do through high school, as this is how we do it:) Then I can use for all of my children. Work hard once, and then have it for all. If you are feeling as a Mom that you want to teach something different than change. We are going through the old testament this year and I know that will take up much time, but I had to decided on read aloud books or reading the Bible. I chose the Bible. That is going to benefit them much more than any stories that they read. If something isn’t working then change it. With our courses, you can use them for free and if they don’t work, you didn’t spend any money so you aren’t out:) I won’t have the books on my site as they are already on there just as individual courses. HOpe this encourages or gives you some insight. Have a blessed day!

  3. Thank you for the reply! So,mif I have my daughter do 2 days everyday, the 8th grade curriulum should be out when she is finished? Or how do you plan on having your son do both years in one? Thank you again.

    • Hey Desiree, I am beginning to work on it so yes it will be done in a few months time:) I am going to have my son start out doing M-F for now. If I find that he wants to do more, than I am going to encourage him to work more through his books. I will leave it up to him, whether he wants to do more work. If he wants to just do a lesson each day, I will have him work through the holiday breaks and summer to keep up and move on. I would start her out and see how she does, encourage her to do more if she can. Even if she worked through the summer months, it is only for a short amount of time that she has to do schooling:) I hope this helps.

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