New Second Grade Complete Curriculum in book form!

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a good week.   We have had a busy one: had to get bulk shopping done this week, finish up polishing this book for you, plus just life with a large family —that took all week:)  But I enjoy it and now I have it finished.

This is the complete Second Grade Curriculum course altogether and in order.  It contains over 550 pages of worksheet learning.  There is enough schooling to do four days of worksheet learning for 35 weeks.  I would recommend the other day, you do hands on schooling.  Then you will have a total of 175 days worth of schooling to record.

This includes all that I have for FREE on my site and I added a few more pages so that it would be a complete years worth.  I also included lots of test practice so that they would be knowledgeable on what is required for a standardized test.

Everything is in order, if you don’t want to sit and download, then sort and organize each course that I have on here, you can just click ,purchase from Amazon, and it comes complete ready to go!  I think I might do that for a few of my children–just for the ease of it:)

If anyone is in interested in bulk ordering, contact me at and I can get you a cheaper price by the case.

Again, if you need anything, it is all available for FREE under homeschooling resources.  This is just for those who don’t have the resources to print off the pages or anyone that would like to support what I do here:)

Click here to go to Amazon to purchase it!

Have a blessed end to your week and a wonderful start to your weekend!

9 responses to “New Second Grade Complete Curriculum in book form!

  1. I am hoping you will post more ideas about what to feed kids over the Summer. I think your ideas are really great. If you have any ideas for easy dinners please share!

  2. Any plans for a 3rd grade complete curriculum in book form before this fall?

    • Yes, I am finishing that one up, I hope this weekend. Should be available by middle of next week:) I’ll keep doing all the grades that I have this summer.Hope your enjoying your summer!

      • Great, I will plan to order the 2nd and 3rd grade ones for sure! Thanks, yes, we sure are enjoying our summer 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for all you do!! I used your kindergarten and fifth grade courses last year and it was such a blessing!! Will you have the 6th grade courses in a workbook for this fall? Thanks again!

    • I am glad that you were able to use them. Yes my goal is to be finished with all before school begins. Just got done with third grade and will begin the next grade level. Keep watching!

  4. I am so so thankful that I found your site and your amazing homeschool resources!!

    I have been trying to figure out how to teach our children without any money to spare, then I found you!

    We started last week, right now I spend a few minutes each morning printing out each child’s work for that day. It’s easier for me to keep it orderly and I don’t feel overwhelmed. I have a 6th grader, 4th grader, 3rd grader and 1st grader using your resources. I use Starfall printables and other free printables for my preschooler and 2 year old.

    I do plan on buying the course books from Amazon as soon as we can, that way there wont be so much loose papers to file. Thank you so much for sharing these homeschool resources, a true blessing for my family!!!

    • Alyssa, I have been there before, that is the reason I started this blog, to share:) I am happy you have been able to utilize the resources. My suggestion is to print it out, and put it in binders. I did a video of how I put the classes together.—-How I homeschooled my children for free—-maybe that will help. You can always do a binder just for math, one for english, etc and then as they do the pages, throw them away—just ideas. I am the blessed one:) Have a wonderful day!

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