New Printable Life Skills Course For Guys week 1

Okay so I have been asked for my life skills course for guys to be in printable form and I keep promising and promising and it seems such a big task at the moment. So I decided to tackle it on how I would eat an elephant:)  Have you ever been asked that phrase? When faced with  a large task, someone might ask, “How do you eat an elephant?”  Answer: one bite at a time.  I figured I can’t do it all but I can start and post weekly posts on it and those that want to begin can and will get weekly printable sheets.

This week I have week one completed for the Young Man Life Skills.

This contains personal grooming.

Click here to get it.

Download it, print it off and place in a binder.  Each week you can add more to it as I offer it.

Be blessed today and always!

2 responses to “New Printable Life Skills Course For Guys week 1

  1. What age do you suggest to use this course? My son is 13 and I’m wondering if I should use it this year or wait a bit.

    • Hey Jen! My suggestion is to go off your son. 🙂 When my boys are at that age of “I don’t care about taking showers or keeping my room clean,” etc I would wait. Just like when you do school, if they aren’t ready to learn it, they won’t:) I guess I would suggest, based on the year, wait to see it when I am all finished and then you can decide. I will have it done over the next few months. It will only be half a year course. So if you like it, you can always start it the second semester. Hope this helps. Hope your enjoying your days! Be blessed !

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