New online home ec course coming this September

I wanted to give a heads up to my readers….about some changes on my site.

home economics  I have offered the full year home ec course on here for a few years now.  I am thankful to all the outside links that I have used but have found that as a parent, I want to know what my children are viewing and if I can’t have control I want to change that.

I don’t do advertising or popups on my site for the reason I don’t want objectionable material for my viewers or their children.  I want it to be a family friendly site.  One that you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your material.  I write this as the Lord has shown me, I rely on Him providing for me financially to be able to continue with it and He has.

I want to let you know that I will be removing the full years course and replacing it with the option for you to do the Kitchen Skills Course  

as well as a new one…….Household and personal management skills

home ec button  It will be available to begin this September. All content and downloads will be through my site only, no outside links.   It will be the same format as the Kitchen Skills course with downloads and assessments for parents.  These will still be completely FREE for anyone to use.

Keep watching…….. it will be available soon.  I apologize to anyone who has begun using the other free year long course that I will be taking down.  These two courses that I will offer, will have WAY MORE content then the original course.  I will also be working on adding another few classes covering other areas, in the future.

If you prefer to use a printable copy you can purchase these courses in ebook form or from Amazon for an actual book.  Look to the right on the side bar menu for more information.   I want it to be available for anyone no matter what their financial situation is.

Have a wonderful rest of your day and I will keep you posted!!!  Be blessed

7 responses to “New online home ec course coming this September

  1. Hi! Do you recommend doing the kitchen skills before the household skills course? Or do it matter the order? My 14 1/2 yo will be doing it this year.

    • Either one will be fine. I’d personally do the Kitchen Skills first as it has more “hands on” and study work which would fall hand in hand with beginning with your regular schooling routine. The second one will not have as much hands on work because the topics aren’t the same. She will do more reading and learning on the household and personal management course and evaluate herself more to make changes to improve. As the school year winds down that may be the best course as she won’t have as much work to do. I hope that helps explain it or confuse it more:)

  2. Thank you for the heads up! We were planning on beginning the home ec course the first week of September. Will the new courses be available in that same time frame? Normally, we’d just start a class whenever, since we go year round, but I saw you had some holiday themed weeks and didn’t want to have Christmas in July 😉

    I appreciate you doing all the hard work to get all the information on your site. I LOVE free resources, but even with Adblockplus, some websites just have questionable things on it (celebrity gossip news with scantily clad pictures anyone? Ugh!)

    Thank you! I look forward to going through this course with my 12 year old (I think we’ll do the kitchen skills one first now, based on your above comment). I know how to cook and clean and all that, lol, but it’ll give me something fun to do with my daughter. I’m a nerd that happens to think that sort of thing is fun! Besides…I never got to do any of this in school, I was a wretched student who eventually dropped out and got my GED at 16 (I thank God I’m not there anymore!!) – so I’m loving homeschooling and learning right along with my children!

    Have a great day!

  3. Will this class still be a full year, and will it count as a full high school credit?
    Thank you so much for offering this class for free AND for improving it to ensure there is no objectionable material. 🙂

    • If you take both classes they can be counted as a full year. You are very welcome!:) Have a wonderful day!

  4. Is the original full course still currently available online at this time? We really enjoyed it and o would love to be able to go back a print it up as it originally was for my files an portions of it will be included in my son’s portfolio when he is required to submit it (if you have no objections to us using parts of your content in the portfolio)?

    And thanks again for all your lovely hard work and commitment to giving back to the homeschool community!

    • You are very welcome to submit whatever you need for his portfolio. Unfortunately I do not have the old course, it was replaced with the two new ones. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. Thanks again and I am glad you enjoyed it. Amy

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