New Kitchen Skills Course FREE

I have had my Kitchen Skills course as a paid course that I offered here on my blog, but is is now FREE for you!

I have been using Coursepress as a plugin on my blog and for those that don’t understand computer jargon…..don’t worry I don’t either.  That is why I have deleted it.  It was complicated, users couldn’t sign in, it was freezing up my blog, hmmm I just didn’t feel good about having it on here, so it is gone.

I apologize to those that have started on there…you can still continue through this course, it is all set up with the same pattern–just easier to use.

I have now gone back to an easy to use format for you just to click and it directs you to a page on my site.  The only downfall is that you have to print off the tests and assessments.  Which is fine, you can have a paper copy of your work to have for your records.

My ultimate goal this year, is to get my other complete year of home ec course, solely on my blog.  I don’t like my children going to links that I don’t trust on the internet.  Thus I am working on getting it just within my framework.  For an easy to use course, safe, and no ads or popups to annoy you with:)  Keep watching……I will be working on that and aiming before the school year begins.

Enjoy this free kitchen skills course.  It is like my book  Home Economics Kitchen Skills but it is online only.  If you want a tangible copy and can afford to purchase it, click here.  But for those that cannot…..enjoy the free one within my site.

Click here to get started!!!!

Have a wonderful day!

4 responses to “New Kitchen Skills Course FREE

  1. Kareen Ousley

    May God bless you for your efforts and generosity! My mom passed when I was fairly young, so I missed out on learning all of her wonderful homemaking skills; thank you for offering me a second chance!

  2. Sandy Frame

    Today is the day I begin to use your course teaching Home Ec in our Christian School. I am excited and so grateful for your course. I could not find any school currently teaching Home Ec. I will keep you posted on our progress.

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