New home economics course for GUYS

Okay, you asked for it!!! Some of you mothers (and fathers) have seen a need for their sons to grow up with some man skills.  Maybe you are a single mom, maybe Dad is away at work all day, or maybe you just don’t know yourself how to teach your son some basic skills.  Whatever the reason, this course is designed to help you overcome and help train up your young man.

We all want to see our boys do more than just sit and play video games right??  This course goes through and teaches them some real life skills that they will need to know to further themselves in life from the basic to the complex.  It covers a lot of ground from personal grooming all the way to survival skills.

If you would rather purchase the book in its entirety, you can do so from Amazon. Click here for that book.

**Update I am finally doing this in a printable format.

You can get week 1 personal grooming here

Week 2 manners and social skills

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

week 9

Week 10

week 11

week 12

week 13

week 14

week 15

week 16

week 17

week 18

17 responses to “New home economics course for GUYS

  1. What an amazing resource you have created! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Is this also a course for credit? I was thinking of doing the original home and personal management course with my son and just omitting the final chapter. Thoughts?

    • You can do anything for a credit:) I would definitely do that. I would love to have exclusively a course just for guys that is as in depth as my books are. In time. I think you can take any of the books and make them more “gender neutral” for your boys. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much! I am JUST getting started on homeschooling and am so thrilled to have found your resources. : )

        • Your very welcome. I am happy that you have found our resources and can use them. Be blessed and enjoy the journey:)

      • Hello, and thank you for creating the three home economic courses! I am thinking of combining them while subbing the “guy” stuff for the “girl” stuff, for 1 total high school credit. Are you planning to add any quizzes/assessments to this Life Skills for Young Men? If not, I can create some for accountablility purposes.

        • Hello Lisa, nice to meet you:) That would be wonderful—I probably won’t do quizzes or assessments this year for this course:) But I may for the future. I just won’t have the time this year. But a good future thought, thank you for suggestion.:) Have a great day!

          • Thank you for your response, Amy! I am looking forward to seeing Lssons 11-18 posted. Do you have any blogs/information posted elsewhere on your website with specifics about infant care? Between you and another resource, I have what I need for toddlers through preteens, but nothing about babies. At the very least, I can have my son watch videos on diaper changing and bottle-feeding/burping a baby!

          • That is wonderful! This reminds me, I have started doing a pregnancy and infant home ec course, just didn’t get to finish it this year—it will be next, maybe before, depending upon my year. I’m sure there are lots of youtube videos on infant care:)

    • This is what I plan to do for the boys also. Maybe replace final chapter with car maintenance.

  2. I just found your website and I’m so excited to share this with my two teens this coming homeschool year. I see that in the last few days that the links are no longer available for this course but put in a PDF format. I thought they were great. My boys are not the best readers and I think they’d get more out of the video demonstrations and whatnot. Just a request to have two options if it’s not too much trouble.

    Thank you!

    • Hey Denise, I am deciding to get rid of the old course. The reason being is that the outside links change and I cannot control the content on those sites. I am putting together a printable PDF course that will give suggestions to look up videos on how to do things. I will post a new week’s worth of lessons every week. In time, I may do an online course like I do with the kitchen course that could include videos. I am just not ready to do that yet. Sorry, hope you are able to still use it. Thanks Amy

  3. Thank you for the reply. I appreciate your concern for the content. I look forward to your future lessons. I love this site. It’s so helpful.

  4. candy schoenberger

    When will you be adding to this list? I have a son that is talking about moving out and I think it is wonderful for him to learn how to clean house. I also wondered if you have how to do small repairs around the house? Car maintenance? Things like that. He really doesn’t need personal hygiene but taking care of his surroundings and cooking he will need for life.

    • Each week I will be adding, I have the entire book up for sale on Amazon right now. I will be posting it tomorrow on my blog. It does cover personal hygiene but it recommends looking up easy household repairs and such things. It is kind of hard to do that sort of thing without images. But I do give lots of things to look up and learn from another male or youtube videos. I will still continue to post weekly lessons until it is finished on my blog. Hope this helps:)

  5. Hello. I am only seeing this course for up to week 4,am I missing something? Planning out my sons curriculum for the year and wanted to include this class for him!

    • I will be adding links every week until I have all the weeks up:) Keep watching, I’ll be adding Friday this week.

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