New home economics course for GUYS

Okay, you asked for it!!! Some of you mothers (and fathers) have seen a need for their sons to grow up with some man skills.  Maybe you are a single mom, maybe Dad is away at work all day, or maybe you just don’t know yourself how to teach your son some basic skills.  Whatever the reason, this course is designed to help you overcome and help train up your young man.

real menWe all want to see our boys do more than just sit and play video games right??  This course goes through and teaches them some real life skills that they will need to know to further themselves in life from the basic to the complex.  It covers a lot of ground from personal grooming all the way to survival skills.  Here are some specifics:

  • how to shave
  • how to shake hands properly
  • how to tie a tie
  • how to make the ultimate paper airplane
  • how to prepare basic meals
  • how to jump start a car
  • how to unclog a toilet
  • how to build a smokeless fire
  • any many more useful skills!!!

The best part is that it is FREE!!! As with my home economics course for girls, I offer them as a tool for parents to help raise up their children to become better men and woman in life.  To be informed and skilled in many different areas of life will make a well rounded individual.  Equip your young men to become men with a purpose and desire to do more out of life.

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4 responses to “New home economics course for GUYS

  1. What an amazing resource you have created! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Is this also a course for credit? I was thinking of doing the original home and personal management course with my son and just omitting the final chapter. Thoughts?

    • You can do anything for a credit:) I would definitely do that. I would love to have exclusively a course just for guys that is as in depth as my books are. In time. I think you can take any of the books and make them more “gender neutral” for your boys. Hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much! I am JUST getting started on homeschooling and am so thrilled to have found your resources. : )

        • Your very welcome. I am happy that you have found our resources and can use them. Be blessed and enjoy the journey:)

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