New 8th Grade Basic Skills Course available!!

Well I have promised 8th grade Basic Skills Course this school year  and I am happy to announce  it is now ready on Amazon!!

You can click here to get it.

I think I have done my share of algebra, division of decimals, fractions, finding the surface area and everything else my children will be doing this year:)  By the end of doing the answer key, I had to double check my answers because I was second guessing myself:)  It is good and I am happy to be done. I will no longer have to gather school for any of my under 8th graders!  Of course, there is high school and that will be next:) But for now, I am glad to be done.  As always, I offer all of these courses on my site here for FREE. No need to support this site financial, I’ve got someone bigger who does that:)  But if you want the courses in an all in one book, you can turn to someone who does that—Amazon:)

I hope your having a wonderful Monday, I am a little behind because I was trying to finish up this course, but now life can get back on track…..hopefully:)  Be blessed and have a great evening!


2 responses to “New 8th Grade Basic Skills Course available!!

  1. Your site is wonderful and am so glad to find it. I have a 4th and 8th grader this year and am wondering if you will be moving on to 9th grade for next year? I was hoping to use your work with my my kiddos if possible. Also do you do read alouds with all your kids and if so do you have a recommended book list for that? Thanks a bunch!

    • Yes, I will be doing 9th grade next year–I typically get that together in spring time, keep watching:) I have a book list under homeschooling resources and it lists the different grades and books we have enjoyed reading aloud. HOpe that helps!

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